August 2017

ALI Coalition Spotlight:  Carol Goss (2014) is waging war against poverty in Detroit. After the fellowship year, Ms. Goss launched Warrior Women Against Poverty, an organization that empowers African-American women and their families. Learn more about the impact of Warrior Women Against Poverty in our  featured video .
Program News

Professor Julie Battilana (HBS, HKS) traveled to Brazil this month to meet with leaders in the social enterprise, public, corporate and nonprofit sectors and to speak with Harvard alumni about the ALI Fellowship program. Gilberto Dimenstein (2011) joined Professor Battilana to share his experience with interested candidates.

This is your last chance to nominate candidates for the 2018 ALI Fellowship program! Please send us your nominations for the 2018 cohort before August 31 to ensure consideration in our competitive selection process. 
Fello ws News

Brett Perlman (2016) is building the future for the city of Houston. Mr. Perlman recently accepted the position of CEO at the Center for Houston's Future, an organization that develops leaders in the city and makes key strategic planning decisions for the region.
Tom Dery (2015) is bridging the education inequality gap around the world. Mr. Dery and his organization, AIME, are expanding the reach of their mentoring program and announced their global launch with an animated film created by Academy Award winning director Laurent Witz.
David Moody (2015) was honored by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of Atlanta's Most Admired CEOs of 2017. In advance of the award ceremony, the Atlanta Business Chronicle interviewed Mr. Moody, founder and CEO of C.D. Moody Construction.
Monty Simus (2015) believes that Tehran is on the verge of a "water renaissance." Mr. Simus authored a piece for Cities Today outlining a plan for Iran to combine ancient systems of water governance with modern information technology.
Denis Weil (2015) is working to unleash creativity across borders. The Dean of the IIT Institute of Design formed a partnership with the School of Design at the Polytechnic Institute in Milan to take on challenges in urban environments.
Marissa Wesely (2014) has launched a new website for her organization, Win-Win Strategies. Through her organization, Ms. Wesely is empowering women globally; she also recently co-authored an article on the importance of gender equity in business.
Dennis Scholl (2012) will lead the expansion of Miami Beach nonprofit ArtCenter/South Florida. Mr. Scholl will become the president and chief executive of ArtCenter and has plans to make the Miami art scene a must-visit destination for international art collectors.
Paul Addis (2009) is campaigning to be a U.S. Senator for the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Addis recently penned an op-ed for PennLive on the changes the U.S. healthcare system needs to see.

Prof. Julie Battilana travelled to Brazil to share information about the ALI Fellowship program.
Faculty News

Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter (HBS) will be the first recipient of the Distinguished Career Award from the American Sociological Association's Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section. In subsequent years, the award will be named after Professor Kanter.

Professor Frank Dobbin (FAS) will receive the Academy of Management award for Outstanding Practitioner-Oriented Publication in Organizational Behavior. Professor Dobbin's article, " Why Diversity Programs Fail" also recently won the 2017 Harvard Business Review's McKinsey Award.

Professor Forest Reinhardt (HBS) thinks we can learn something from the U.S. Navy when it comes to climate change. Professor Reinhardt co-authored an article with Professor Michael Toffel in the Harvard Business Review detailing the Navy's best practices to manage climate change.

Professor Ron Sullivan (HLS) was the subject of a glowing profile in the Huffington Post. Described as the "man who dealt the biggest blow to mass incarceration," Professor Sullivan is also praised for his work as a Harvard Law professor and Harvard College Faculty Dean.
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