Happy 2018 to all. January is a significant month for Haitians as the 1st of January marks Haitian Independence Day, the first free black nation in the Western Hemisphere that saved America. That day also marks the cherished tradition of creating, eating and sharing different style soup joumou (pumpkin soup). The 12th of January reminds us of the loved ones lost to the 2010 earthquake. Thanks to President Trump, we have another reminder in this month of January of how Haitians have overcome adversity in the past and can do so again. Our board member Wadner Pierre wrote this fantastic piece on President Trump's remarks that I'd thought I'd share.
I want to personally thank President Trump for adding more fuel to my passion for Haiti. Haiti is so beautiful and there is still so much to be done. We at CHES are ever the more committed to training, mentoring and funding entrepreneurs in rural Haiti for a better Haiti tomorrow. We remain committed to collaborating and supporting others working with Haitians in Haiti and abroad for the good of the nation. 
Special thanks to everyone of you and to all of the organizations that  supported us in 2017! 

UPDATE: Laborde farmers are eager to bring the hen home.

The 1,500 hen are ready at our partner Javec's. The farmers are gathering the materials for the construction at the 17,000 sq. ft plot of land that they dedicated to the poultry farm. The farmers are ready to start building!  We're can't wait to share the pictures of the farm later this year!

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