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Urgent Need for Vivianne!



Vivianne was born in July 1998. She is healthy and developmentally on target for her age. Vivianne has graduated from 8th grade. She has a rich vocabulary, good memory, organized thinking, and well-developed imagination. Vivianne is interested in music and dancing and is the leader of a dance group called Petlite. She also likes to draw and has a sense of aesthetics and beauty. 


Vivianne has made wonderful progress in her behavior and communication. She now exhibits good self-control in emotional situations and reacts to frustration in a socially appropriate manner. She follows rules and norms and respects authority. Vivianne helps with domestic chores and takes responsibility for her own belongings. Vivianne is described as a teenager who is serene, polite and respectful, who makes easy contact with peers and adults as well as enjoys participating in group activities. She has made significant strides on her way to independence. 


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