Important Meeting Reminders:

Bike Plan 2016-17:   Community Feedback Review Meeting - March 9th, 2016

Ste vens Creek Trail: Proposals to City Council  rescheduled to May 3, 2016

Cupertino City Bike/Ped News Update:  

Bike Plan16 Update Community Meeting Date to be held on  March 9th.

Alta Designs will present to all  interested community members their draft proposals for the Bike Plan 16.  This is your chance to give the design team your feedback on the latest plan draft.  See: for meeting details.  FMI: contact David Stillman at

VTA County Bike Plan Input Session for the West Valley March 31, 2016

    The VTA  is in the process of developing a Countywide Bicycle Plan and would like to hear your vision for bicycling in Santa Clara County. Three workshops will be held for community members to: 1) learn what the VTA Countywide Bicycle Plan is and what it can do, 2) share where they bike and how trips can to be better, easier, safer, and more connected, and 3) tell VTA how it can improve the bike-transit connection.   FMI:  

Stevens Creek Trail Update - Rescheduled to May 3rd, 2016.

The Cupertino Parks and Rec department is now scheduled to make its assessment and recommendations to the City Council on May 3rd, 2016.   This agenda item may be postponed (FMI see the calendar at   www.walkb )

Walk-Bike Cupertino urges that any though neighborhood routing of the SCT should be postponed   for future consideration until the city can develop its master bike/ped plan and coordinate it with our neighboring cities.  

Walk-Bike Cupertino strongly supports developing Safe and Easy Biking and Walking throughout the city's neighborhoods and off the busy thoroughfares, along with viable routes that serve the 8 to 80 population range.... Link to full article

If you support making our neighborhoods healthier and safer, please write your council person at or take a few minutes on the evening of March 1st to voice your support of safe routes to the Cupertino Council.

Safe Routes to Schools Update

Walk-Bike Cupertino supports embedding student bike safety training in our CUSD school curriculum .  We hope to see a bike/ped training program (modeled after one used in Palo Alto and other communities) that makes bike/ped training a part of the PE curriculum at all CUSD schools.  For an excellent primer on bike safety education see: Visionzero's link at:     For more information of SRTS see

  • The Safety section has seen the addition of a great deal of training and safety information.  There are:
Thank you to Dick Blaine and Byron Rovegno for your great work on this important topic!     

Bike Routes Improve Safety and Property Values.

Walk-Bike Cupertino advocates  Safe and Easy cycling and walking in the city. This implies better signed routes through neighborhoods that are shorter and quieter for our kids to get to/from school and for our adult population who wants to access shopping districts or for exercise.
Many studies have been conducted (in cities such as Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and Berkeley) that  show bike routes and trails make the community safer for our families and improve property values.  Take a look at these articles:  or in Berkeley  to see trails impacts in other communities.

Walk-Bike Cupertino Advocates:

  • Making Cupertino a model for Safe, Easy and Enjoyable Walking and Biking;
  • Creating direct Bike-Ped pathways;
  • Educating drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists on best practices sharing the road;
  • Encourage riding and walking: create way-finder  mileage signage, historical markers and point-of-interest into pathways;
  • Support the $10M funding set aside for Cupertino's strategic Walk-Bike improvements

Join us - our nearly 500 member community group. Together we can make Cupertino safer to walk and bike - and a better place to live.

Your Team at Walk-Bike Cupertino!

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