Dixon, Illinois
During each routine heart check-up, Dr. Iyer encouraged Gary to join Walk with a Doc to reverse his sedentary lifestyle. After 2-3 years of reluctance, Gary finally agreed to attend.

At his first walk, Gary saw a lot of walkers wearing their official Walk with a Doc T-shirts, and knew he wanted to earn his own. Initially, Gary wasn’t a big fan of walking because it was difficult and made him very tired. He started walking at a slow pace on flat land. Then he started going down A few small hills. Finally, Dr. Iyer told Gary he has “graduated” and it’s time to start going up some hills!

At 81 years old, Gary attends Walk with a Doc almost every week. He hates disappointing the doctor by not showing up. His favorite part about the program is the camaraderie of other walkers (his second favorite part is seeing all the dogs that attend the walks).

Gary says walking has become much more enjoyable, and he’s been blessed with the unexpected benefits of it. He can now walk without getting tired, and says it’s a good way to exercise without pain. He also feels better overall.

Gary knows he is in a better state of health because of Walk with a Doc. His next goal is to start walking every single day.

Keep it up Gary!