Spirits of Nature Healing
Walking Meditation Series  StartsTomorrow 
Saturday September 1st ! 
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Shamanic Training
Starting in Late Fall 2012 
Much has been said about this year 2012. The prophecies by indigenous Elders of the Maya & Quichua cultures talk of Patchamama (Our Mother Earth), humans & the cosmos making a HUGE shift that will bring all of life back into balance, whether we are ready or not. They speak of needing to make right the balance between the Feminine~Masculine, to right the relationship/balance between The Eagle (the Northern hemisphere Cultures) & the Condor (the Southern Hemisphere Cultures). It is a time for a change and it is in more than the air.....it is in our bones. During this year we will re-awaken to our light, to new & old ways of being spiritual and bring balance to ourselves & our world. 
We are the ones we have been waiting for....

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Wow. The first week in September came fast!  Tomorrow is September 1st and we have our first Fall Walking Meditation.

We will be meeting at 12 noon at Fairyland in Concord. It is a sweet little magical, forested place. Please come join me for a walk, some refreshment and conversation (after the walk).
Love to see you.

AND next Wednesday, we start up a new shamanic circle in Somerville.

In Love & Light ~ Shungo (Quichua for: From My heart to yours),
Suzan Baltozer
Spirits of Nature Healing
Walking Meditations
large boulder

Please join me & other like-minded people for a series of gentle meditative walks in the beautiful green spaces in and around the Boston area.

Starting, Saturday September 1st, noon-2pm

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Mona Rain Imbabura
Shamanic Circle in Somerville
Hands of Peace

Starting Wednesday September 5th, I will be opening a new Shamanic Journey Circle.
Each Wednesday from 7-9:00pm we will journey for self, healing, empowerment, and learn to connect and work with power animals, guides, the elements and much more....

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