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Spanning the Decades
An Historical Look into Walstrom Marine - The 1960s

In l960, Walstrom Marine expanded to a new site east of town, developing a yacht basin with 100 slips, storage, service, and haul out. Later, the Marina Village condominiums were built to compliment the marina.  The Marina Village condominiums were the first condos built in Northern Michigan.

In l964, the water levels were at an all-time low for Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  In l965, Ward and Roma purchased the Sears Dock and Dredge equipment, including a barge, crane, pile driver, and the tug "Ottawa."

Tiara VIP Back Stage Pass and Factory Tour Recap
The second annual Tiara VIP Back Stage Pass and Factory Tour on March 13th was a resounding success!  The numbers of participants coming in to get the latest updates on Tiara goings-on and a factory tour continue to go up.  The Tiara Yachts production facility is a clean, well-organized, state-of-the-art facility and a showplace for Tiara to put its best foot forward. Coming to Holland in March is a great opportunity for Walstrom Marine customers from the Midwest to get their Tiara fix without taking the winter trip down to the Miami shows.  Here's a quick look at what we saw.

Registration for 150+

Dave O'Connell comments
50 Coupe 

The Spread!

The crowd is growing!

More of the amazing Spread!

A record turnout at Tiara!

The calm before the storm

Tiara 39 Coupe - Sea Magazine
The new Tiara 39 Coupe continues with the success of its predecessors, the Tiara 50 and 44 Coupes.  Take a look at what Sea Magazine says about the 39 Coupe.  Walstrom Marine has a stock 39 Coupe on order - she'll be arriving shortly.  This is another model that won't last long, so keep and eye peeled here and on our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute details.

Walstrom Marine congratulates Kim Ridings
One of the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan
Walstrom Marine is pleased to acknowledge Kim Ridings and her recognition by the Grand Rapids Business Journal as one of the 50 most influential women in West Michigan.

Kim is among the region's most influential women business owners, leaders, policy-shapers and decision-makers chosen for the honor.   The honorees were recognized during a March 8 awards luncheon at the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids Business Journal reviewed more than 100 nominations of women leading West Michigan businesses and communities for its biennial list.
Ridings called the award a "great honor."
"As president of the  Mary Free Bed Guild, I have the advantage of following in the footsteps of my predecessors - many dynamic women - and the work that they have accomplished," she said, noting 2016 marks the Guild's 125th anniversary. "The Guild has made contributions in rehabilitation services and universal design standards, and has provided opportunities for people of all abilities."

Ridings has been involved in the West Michigan community professionally and as a volunteer for more than 3 decades.   Her interest in construction led her to  Ferris State University , where she earned an associate's degree in architectural drafting and was only the third woman to obtain a Bachelor of Science in construction management. She earned a Master of Management from  Aquinas College .

During her 35-plus years in the construction field, Ridings has held various positions, from cost estimator to project manager, and earned recognition as a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) from the  American Institute of Constructors. She has served on the Industry Advisory Board for the Construction Management program at Ferris State, advocating for women in non-traditional roles. She is a senior project designer for  Eagle Management Company, which manages commercial office space in the Grand Rapids area.

Her volunteer efforts began more than 20 years ago, when Ridings started volunteering for  Artists Creating Together (ACT) (formerly Very Special Arts) to bring art, in all its forms, to children and adults with disabilities. She served 5 years as chair of the organization's board.

She joined the Mary Free Bed Guild in 2003 and has served on the board in various capacities for the past 10 years. During this exciting time, the Guild collaborated with the YMCA to build the first health and wellness facility in the world to receive Universal Design Certification from the Global Universal Design Commission. The fully-accessible  Mary Free Bed YMCA also serves as home base for Mary Free Bed's  Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports teams and clinics, and the Mary Free Bed Musculoskeletal Clinic.

Ridings also is chair of the Board of Trustees' Architectural Oversite Committee, which has overseen the $66.4 million expansion and renovation project on the Mary Free Bed campus. The 240,000-square-foot west addition makes Mary Free Bed the fifth-largest free-standing rehabilitation hospital in the country.

"This award will bring to the forefront these accomplishments," Ridings said. "The Guild today is laying the groundwork for the next 125 years to provide hope and freedom."
Mary Free Bed is a not-for-profit, nationally accredited rehabilitation hospital. For 125 years, Mary Free Bed has restored hope and freedom through rehabilitation for children and adults who have experienced brain injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries, multiple traumas, amputations, cancer and other diagnoses. The combination of comprehensive services and an exclusive focus on rehabilitation  enables specialty physicians and staff to help patients achieve outstanding clinical results.

Tiara Rendezvous - Save the Date
The 2016 Tiara Great Lakes Rendezvous is set for August 3,4,5 and the location will be Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  We look forward to you joining us for another great rendezvous.  Details are still coming together so stay connected to Walstrom Marine on our website and Facebook page for the latest information.

Service Department Update
Optimus Outboard Joystick Installations
Walstrom Marine is proud to announce a partnership with Sea Star Solutions as a dealer for Optimus 360 Joystick Control Systems. This is a joystick system that can be retrofit to boats with twin or triple outboards with either cabled (mechanical) or electronic controls. These systems bring a new dimension to boat handling around the docks or "on station". 

  The Optimus not only moves your boat forward or reverse, but also sideways or the ability to spin in the boats own length. The "on Station" capability allows you to set your boat's position (when interfaced with your GPS), and maintain that position hands free to allow you to set up lines and fenders prior to docking. No more scrambling in a stiff wind or current to set up lines and fenders while keeping an eye on where your boat is drifting. 

Taking your boat out alone will no longer be a chore, as not only will the on station feature allow you time to set up, it will hold your boat in position at the dock as well, allowing you time to tie your lines and set your fenders. The system uses a progressive throttle, meaning that the further you move the joystick in any axis, the more thrust your boat generates, and for those times when it really gets interesting, there is a Boost Mode available to increase the RPM above the normal settings. 

Walstrom Marine will have this system installed on our ST310 Pursuit this spring in time for the Season Opener. If fingertip control of your twin or triple outboard sounds interesting, please give us a call in Walstrom Service.

Think Safety Now for the Upcoming Season
While we look over boats, and inspect those that are requested, there are a few things that are easily kept track of by the owners. Not only does this keep you safer, but it also gets you more involved with the workings of different parts of your boat, which is never a bad thing! And of course, if you want us to look at some of these for you, just let us know and we will get a Tech to check some of these out for you.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors - These units have an actual "life" of five to seven years before they wear out. If there is no date code or you cannot remember if or when yours have been replaced, they are probably due to be changed. The benefit to new Co Detectors is they are far more sensitive and are less prone to giving false alarms compared to units manufactured as little as five to ten years ago.
EPIRBs (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacons) - There is usually a date on the unit itself that lets you know when it should be sent in for recertification.  When sent in, the hydrostatic release is also recertified, which makes sure the unit will function properly. Do you know your recertification dates?
Flares - All flares have an expiration date on them. If you happen to get boarded by the Coast Guard, it may cost you more than just the inconvenience. But more importantly, they could possibly fail when you need them to help save your life. It is not mandatory that you dispose of expired flares.  It is advisable that you store the expired flares away from the current, up to date flares so you grab the new ones if there is an emergency.
Life Jackets - Not too long ago there was something on the television that showed someone throwing a life jacket to another person. That life jacket still had the plastic wrapper on it which is a bad idea. Not only do you not want to try to unwrap a life jacket while you are in the water, nor is it a good idea to keep a bag over the jacket while in storage so the jackets cannot breathe.  This usually results in mold growing on the jacket and in the compartment in which it is stored (also a good reason to make sure your anchor locker is opened and vented in warm sunny weather).
Smoke Detectors - It is usually a good idea to change the batteries in your smoke detectors once a year. It has been suggested that you pick a date like June first and make it a habit to install new batteries in your smoke detectors. Something this simple is often overlooked.
If this is not something you feel comfortable doing for any reason, contact us in Service and we can arrange to have these things looked at and advise you. We do not want to have anything happen to any of you or your families for any reason, much less something as simple as a 9 volt battery or an expired flare.
Take care, and here's looking forward to a beautiful boating season!
Your Walstrom Service Team

Mike Downey picked as a Lakeland Boating "Ask the Expert" author

Cheboygan Update

The Cheboygan office would like to remind customers that we have updated our telephone system and have discontinued several of our telephone lines.  When calling our office, please call 231-627-7105, or our toll-free number 877-245-9702.  Please update your records to reflect the change. 
If you haven't yet returned your commission request forms, please do so at your earliest convenience.  You may send them to Walstrom Marine, 113 East State Street, Cheboygan, MI  49721, fax them to 231-627-8091, or email them to Heather at hconaway@walstrom.com.
There are seasonal slips available on the Cheboygan River, just a short walk to downtown shopping, dining and entertainment.  Please call the office for more information at 231-627-7105.    






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