Summer Cruise Bulletin
Join us for our upcoming trips!
Beaver Island Mini Cruise
Saturday, July 8 - Sunday, July 9

Join for a two day, one night mini cruise to Beaver Island, Michigan!  Bring your hiking shoes, fishing poles, bikes, binoculars... there's a lot to do!

We'll host a docktails party Saturday night, and the rest of the plans are in your hands!  

Pencil in 10am Saturday through mid evening Sunday.  Register below.  We'll book your slip, and more details will come!

North Channel Cruise
Saturday, July 29 - Sunday, August 6

Join for a week long North Channel cruise, featuring places like Drummond Island, Gore Bay, the Benjamins, Little Current, Bay of Finn, and Killarney.  We'll host a docktails party Saturday night on Drummond Island, and we'll lead the group to the various destinations.  Most of the in port plans will be up to you!  Register below.  Let us know how long you plan on joining us.  We'll book your slips, and more details will come!

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