Is it summer? Sure feels like it! I had meant to send this newsletter out at the start of Spring but, as usual, things got busy.  Aside from   home projects, art collaborations , and  Rain Dragon's birthday , I've been "gala-vanting" (for good reasons!) and finishing all the last bits of the new novel! Yes, When the Sea Turned to Silver is coming--and I'm planning to usher it in with as big of fanfare as I can manage, starting with...

The ARC Giveaway!

It's the giveaway you've been waiting for! I have FIVE advanced reading copies of When the Sea Turned to Silver for some lucky newsletter readers!

What is an advanced reading copy (ARC)? It's  kind of a "rough draft" of the final book. They are specifically made for booksellers and reviewers to get an idea of the book so they can get an idea if they'd like to order or recommend it. So, while the story is pretty much the same as the final book, there are many typos, grammar errors, unfinished art or just for placement only blank art boxes in it. 

So, getting one of these ARCs means that you get to read the book months before the rest of the world! And, you get to compare it to the final book to see what has been changed! Isn't that neat?

Want one?  Send an email to with your mailing address (you must include this so I know where to send it) to enter by midnight tonight! Please write ARC GIVEAWAY in the subject line of your e-mail.  Winners will be chosen completely at random. Good Luck!
Save the Date for the When the Sea Turned to Silver Book Launch!

October 8, 2016 at 3pm
Porter Square Books, Cambridge MA

Remember the Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Book Launch? Or the one for Starry River of the Sky? Well, I'm doing it again! And since When the Sea Turned to Silver is a companion book, it seemed only fitting to do it again at Porter Square Books!  Yes, awesome gift bags! Grand prizes! And, of course, the company of yours truly.  Please Come!

If you pre-order your book from Porter Square Books, not only can it be personally autographed, you will received some super-special goodies with it (that can be shipped if you don't live nearby). I'll be announcing what the goodies will be and more specifics in August (they will be really good, promise) but you can order now if you want! 

Want to meet me but don't live near Porter Square Books?  I'll be going on a book tour, in October.  You can see some of the places I will be HERE,  but the final schedule (we're still nailing specifics down for other dates and cities) will be in the next newsletter, so stay tuned...

...and also a little reminder that if you interested in scheduling a school visit, please contact Aimee at for more info!  Because of the new novel, next year is going to be busy (and I'm already starting to schedule visits for 2018) so it's never too early!
Did you miss this? My exciting news...
my artwork at the White House
Champions of Change for Asian American and Pacific Islander Art & Storytelling

So, May 4th was a red letter day for me! Why? Because not only was my art displayed at the White House, I was there, too!  And I got to see President Obama! Really! Why?

Well, I was honored to be selected by the White House as a "Champion of Change for Asian-Pacific Art and Story-Telling." Yes, it's true! See all about my amazing adventure HERE
Have you seen my TEDx talk yet? I am so thrilled that it has been viewed over 12,000 times! I hope that number keeps rising! So, please keep sharing and thank you for watching!

In honor of my TEDx talk's great reception, I created an expanded version of it for my visits curriculum.  I tried it out at  Annual BERL Lecture  at the Eric Carle Museum and it went over great, if I do say so myself. I hope to give it again soon (and often!)

Reading with Rain Dragon

One of Rain Dragon 's everlasting passions has been ducks (I don't know why). Because of her love of ducks,  we have recently been reading Quackers by Liz Wong and made Marshmallow Ducks for Rain Dragons birthday school treat (gluten-free, dairy-free & nut free! took me a while to think it up so I'm a bit proud!).

odds and ends

I recently learned of this little  competition between Linda Sue Park and these two other authors (who shall remain nameless) to raise money for The Rabbit Hole, the worlds first ExploraStorium. I am, of course, 100% for #TeamPark! Check out my blog for information on how to join #TeamPark and your chance to win this print from me!

Recently, I attended RIF's 50th Anniversary Gala and was met some of the amazing workers behind   FirstBook, an organization that provides new books to children in need.  They told me that Starry River of the Sky actually has a cameo in their informational video:

Isn't that neat? 

I recently attended  the  Massachusetts  Reading Association conference and was thrilled they chose Where the Mountain Meets the Moon for their "One Conference One Bookinitiative.  Not only that, they named me this year's recipient of their Children's Literature Prize. THANK YOU!
Usually, I try to keep out of anything political, but recently (maybe because I went to the White House!) I've found that I can't keep quiet about being #whitewashedOUT --the erasure of Asian faces and identities in the media. It really goes to the root of my TEDx talk and why I do the books that I do.  I hope you agree with me and help me take a stand!

Phew! That's it for now! Next newsletter will have pre-order details, final tour dates and more! See you then!

Best Wishes,

Grace Lin
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