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If you want to throw someone off their golf game, ask them, "Do you inhale or exhale on the downswing?"
You can do the same for a baseball swing, free throw or tennis serve.  


Because it makes them think about something that we don't normally think about!

Well, we ARE thinking about it on the forum.

Brad Kaczmarski started a thread called "Inhalation for spinal stability":

"Mike, in your most recent staff meeting on you stated that the exhalation is better to create the spinal core stabilization. I see what you are saying, however I disagree. I feel the inhalation is where the expansion and increased control occurs more."

Disagreement is great for this site!  It brought out some great responses and disagreement from Brad, Tara Weaver, Brandon Marcello, Michael Johnson and Brett Jones.

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Some other great interviews on The Strength Coach Podcast lately:

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Episode 219.5- Anthony interviews me all about Training the Core

Episode 220- Part 2 of the McGill-Carroll interview

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