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Abortionist Accused of Raping Woman Inside Home

Government Experiments on Preemies

Ask for Public Records? Get Sued by State

Alabama Supreme Court Ruling Could End Legal Abortion in America

Georgia Right to Life Salutes Pro-Life Voters

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Wanted: Dead of Alive! Part III - Dead Enough to Donate

Every 10 minutes, a person's name is added to the organ transplant waiting list. Every day, approximately 80 people receive a new organ. Every day, almost 20 individuals die because they did not receive one.


At the writing of this article, there were more than 120,000 patients on the waiting list to receive a transplant.


Demand continues to exceed the supply of life-saving organs.


Because of the growing shortage of available organs, many in the transplant business are calling for loosened-and arguably immoral-rules for when it's ethically and legally acceptable to harvest organs.


The questions are: Can organs only be taken from a dead person? What does it mean to be dead?


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Life: Ignoring the Obvious

The Bible makes it absolutely clear when life begins. Even Princeton University has a website post entitled: "Life Begins at Fertilization."


Jeremiah 1:15 says: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations (NASB)." 


Some claim it begins at implantation, while others argue a child is not a child until it is "viable" outside the womb.


And, there are those like Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards-the mother of three-who feels her children weren't alive until "...I delivered them."


She's quick to add, however, that her view is her own "...personal decision," and thinks "...every woman needs to make her own decision."


Richards made the remarks during a recent television interview in which she declared when life begins is not "really relevant" when discussing abortion.


Her attitude is similar to that expressed in a January, 2013 article in titled: "So what if abortion ends a life?"


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Mayor Ignores Abortion Facility Abuses

Legalized abortion was supposed to make botched abortions a thing of the past.


That is not the case for a young woman  in Columbus, GA. As a result of two botched abortions, for the same pregnancy, perforating her uterus at the Columbus Women's Health Organization (CWHO), under the care of Dr. Eugene Williams, this young woman had to undergo a complete abdominal hysterectomy leaving her unable to ever bear children again.


Gross negligence by the city of Columbus and state of Georgia to properly inspect this facility has created a dangerous environment for this type of medical malpractice to happen again and again. 


As of 2011, Georgia's state health department recorded the facility as closed. CWHO has never closed; in fact, they are busier than ever operating at the expense of women's health to turn a profit.


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Mike Griffin Speaks Out

Mike Griffin is available to speak to your church, civic or community organization.....


Don't miss an opportunity to hear Mike's message - 'The Priority of Personhood'!


"Mike's intimate knowledge of the sanctity of life issues, including the need for a Personhood Amendment, was very obvious from the onset. His delivery, his power point presentation, and his passion for the cause were really good. Also, his knowledge of the inner workings of our state legislature seemed to interest a lot of people. He helped educate and inform our people on sanctity of life issues."


Terry Queen
President, Walton County Right to Life
Monroe, Ga.


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