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War and Peace-Beyond This World?
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All Truth is contained in the consciousness of all human beings. The Ultimate State of Consciousness or Beingness, which is God's Presence, is deeply imbedded in everyone's unconsciousness. Within the deeper memory levels of the mind are memories of the past as well as memories of the future, which, despite the illusion of time have already happened.
Whatever has been --- is. Whatever will be --- already is. Within the mind or consciousness contained within every human being is a doorway into the past and entrance to the future, each of which already is.

The mind in fact contains many doorways or entrances into various levels of existence and, in fact, into other worlds. During inner activity of the mind seeking God, a person may come into direct contact with a large variety of contacts. Such contacts, for the most part, are with other dimensions of existence and, on lesser occasions, with the earthly dimension in the physical plane of outer space. 

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