With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
The Religions For Peace North American Interfaith Youth Network Working Hard In Washington D.C. To Prepare For The Next World Assembly! 
Washington, DC
August 25-26 2013


Warithudeen Mohammed III, grandson of Imam W. Deen Mohammed participated in the Religions for Peace North America Interfaith Youth Network (RfP NAIYN) Regional 9th World Pre-Assembly Meeting held in Washington D.C. on August 25 - 26, 2013.


As an important part of Religions for Peace 9th World Assembly preparatory process, regional youth preparatory meetings will be held on six continents.


The regional Assembly preparatory meetings have two objectives: 

  • To discuss and shape regional youth perspectives on the Assembly theme "Welcoming the Other: Action for Human Dignity, Citizenship and shared Well-being"  
  • To strengthen the regional interfaith youth networks.

Ten delegates will be selected from North America to represent the region at IXth World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Vienna, Austria November 19-21, 2013.  


During the two day meetings, youth leaders from all over North America, representing various faiths and organizations discussed concerns and insights as a religious youth living in North America. There were round-table discussions, breakout sessions, and guest lecturers from prominent leaders in the interfaith movement, and field visits to political/religious sites in Washington D.C.  


Lecturers included:

  • Ken Bedell from the Office of FBNP, US Department of Education
  • Dr. Charles Haynes, Senior Scholar, Director Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum at Freedom Forum First Amendment Center
  • Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi, Director of Community Outreach at Islamic Society of North America
  • Sean Thibault, Director of Communications at Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
  • Rev. Dr. Clark Lobenstine, Executive Director at InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington  

Specific discussion themes included:

  • How youth and religious youth in particular-can advocate for change in the United States and Canada
  • Addressing the 2013 World Assembly Theme, and how the theme particularly relates to North America.  It facilitated an open discussion of how youth in North America can advance action for human dignity, citizenship, and shared well-being
  • NAIYNs unique contribution to the World Youth Assembly
  • How to use the World Youth Assembly to further develop NAIYN



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