December 2017
The holiday season is one where gratitude shines – the time when we reflect on the many gifts we have in our lives.

At Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region, we’re grateful to have served more people than ever this year. This was possible due to the many friendships and partnerships we have in this city; a community where we all support each other.

Thank you for being part of our story. Together we will continue to make our city healthier, happier and a kinder place for the lives we touch. 
On January 23, 2017 our partners, donors and supporters came together to celebrate hope strength and recovery. A special cheque was presented with singer/songwriter and Bell Let's Talk Ambassador, Sean McCann. We are so thankful for everyone who has supported CMHA Calgary throughout the year.
At our 4th Annual Ride Don't Hide, 472 riders and 41 teams raised more than $150,000 for mental health programming in Calgary. Thank you to everyone who rode, volunteered and supported Ride Don't Hide. Registration for our 5th ride on June 24, 2018 opens in the New Year.
In 2017, CMHA Calgary recruited individuals and family members who wanted to use their lived experience to connect with others. Our Peer School delivered 70 classroom hours over the course of four months instilling Peer competencies in hope, boundaries, resilience an d connection as well as 50 internship hours of paid work placements. Upon graduating, 30 individuals and four family members walked across the stage. 18 per cent of graduates are volunteering in Peer Support while 73 per cent found paid employment. We are so proud of our Peers! Congratulations to all of you.
Our Youth Championship Initiative with 36 Calgary and area Junior High and Senior High Schools kicked off on October 19, 2017. Partnering with the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, this initiative empowers schools to take responsibility in promoting a climate of well-being, healthy relationships and resiliency within their schools. Follow along with the amazing work schools are doing with #YouthChampionsYYC.
With support from community and our partner agencies, the Board and staff of CMHA Calgary has carefully created a long-term plan to address the growing need for practical, evidence-informed, cost-effective and scalable mental health and addiction services.

The need is so great now, that we are growing and establishing a Centre for Excellence in Recovery and Peer Support.

Based on successful models in the UK and Australia, our Centre is a first for Alberta and is made up of our Welcome Centre , Recovery College and School of Peer Support all designed to make it easy for anyone to make that first step towards a better future. 

Cori's Story

Imagine a place where connections begin. A place of belonging, where living with a mental illness is a shared life experience that opens up the opportunity to help others making that first brave step to living openly and authentically. That’s what I found when I first connected with the CMHA Calgary.

After decades of hiding my mental health condition came the opportunity to help others. I realized that my experience was expertise!

I was one of the first group of 36 to graduate from the School of Peer Support. Supported by community we were part of CMHA Calgary’s unique training program consisting of 120 hours of classroom learning and a paid internship where we could put our skills to use, supporting those making that first connection to CMHA.