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Happy Memorial Day, Welcome Summer!  

Samuels wishes all of our friends and customers a Happy Memorial Day and we look forward to a busy, successful and exciting summer for all.  Along with all of our exclusive boutique fish, seafood from around the world, exotic produce and countless types of Shellfish, our sales agents are eager to help you have the best summer yet. 

Speaking of Shellfish, we're entering a time of year when taking proper care these types of products are key to keeping them of top quality.  During warm months, Shellfish spawning will occur and we have some tips we'd like to share with our great customers.
  • Bury Mussels in ice and keep refrigerated at all times. Remember to drain water as needed from where they are stored. 
  • Store live Oysters and Clams in the refrigerator at a temperature between 38 degrees F and 45 degrees F. Do not use ice
  • Rinse Shellfish under cold water upon preparing
  • Ask about our various Mussel, Clam, Scallop and East & West Coast Oyster options
If you have any other questions, your sales agent is always happy to help you.  Keep in mind, Samuels will be closed on Monday, May 29 th in observance of Memorial Day.  We resume regular business hours and service on Tuesday, May 30 th
We hope you have a fun and successful summer season!

Fish Market Updates

Wild Striped Bass fans can look forward to a hook and line season opening in Rhode Island on Sunday, May 28th.  There has been very few Wild Striped Bass available during the past week and we expect this opening to make Stripers available again toward mid-week.  In other Rhode Island fishing news, Black Sea Bass are looking beautiful caught off areas such as Block Island.  Many of these fish are now being caught in traps which keeps them in perfect shape.  While quotas have been significantly lowered this spring and summer, we are bringing in Fluke from Rhode Island and New Jersey.  Prices are still somewhat high on this fish, however, we're doing a terrific job sourcing the firmest fish shipped directly to us immediately after being packed.  It's also a winning season for Squid as last year's Memorial Day weekend provided excellent catch.  Hopefully, fishermen will see the same success this year. Many fishermen are catching Squid from Vineyard Sound, RI to off the coast of Nantucket, MA.  Right now is the time to take advantage of ample landings of Swordfish.  From Hawaii, California, Costa Rica and Florida, fishermen are experiencing great catch.  Act soon!  

The Wild West

Throughout the past week, openings along the 290 mile long Copper River have been providing us some of the best Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon we've ever seen.  We're expecting more Sockeye's from this famous river this week as well.  After a few weeks, openings for Sockeye Salmon along with King Salmon will begin to occur in areas including Prince William Sound, the Yakutat and Kodiak Island.  

New Oysters A Hoy

If you're into Oysters with big, plump meats and a sweet flavor accompanied with a flavorful brine. Elder Point Oysters are coming locally and sustainably from the Delaware Bay, NJ.  Florida does more than just Red Snapper...Starting next week, we'll be bringing in Cedar Keys Oysters.  Cedar Keys are a small group of islands located three miles off the coast of Florida.  The location of the Cedar Key Oyster beds gives them a perfect match of fresh and saltwater.  Both of these Oysters will be available to you later this week. 

And stay tuned for our June issue of Fish Tales Magazine featuring Hidden Palms Barramundi.

Welcome to the Club, New Oysters!
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