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In June, The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce welcomed these 11 businesses as new members. Click on each new member to learn more about their business!

PA & JM Gaglardi Seniors Society
Taj Janitorial

23 smart ways to increase your confidence, productivity, and income

This article is a break-down of 23 smart ways to focus on the major things in your life. The result is that you'll have more confidence, productivity, and income


6 Characteristics of the most eye-catching visual content

Whether you're launching a new product or planning a conference presentation, the quality of your visual content could mean the difference between success and failure.

How huccessful CEOs spend their time: 
a 12-year Harvard study

Researchers at Harvard made in-depth discoveries about a CEO's day, including how much time they spent sleeping, in meetings, working and well,  not working.


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