VOL. 62 - Jan. 23,  2018
About that recent cold snap and your next electric bill
"Winter Storm Grayson,"  "Bombogenesis," "The Bomb Cyclone." Whatever you call it, the recent weather event will go down in the record books as one of t he most intense winter storms in decades. It not only gripped the region with unusually cold temperatures for several days, it also rendered a cold blow to heating costs
. To learn more about its potential impact on your next electric bill, read more.  
For one local family: 'All they asked for' and more
The gifts: Just what the children wanted for Christmas.
The prepaid electric bills: Just what the struggling mom needed. The smiles upon delivery: Priceless.
To find out how Roanoke Electric Co-op and one of its industry partners opened their hearts and wallets to make all of this happen:  
How would you like to 'triple' your energy savings? 
Did you know that Roanoke Electric Co-op has come up with not one, not two, but three innovative ways you can boost the energy savings in your home? Called simply "Triple Savings," this special offering for member-owners is one of the many benefits of  the co-op's Roanoke Connect initiative Read more. 
Want to check your safety IQ? Take this test
How knowledgeable are you when it comes to electrical safety in and around your home? If you want to learn more about your "safety IQ," and get some valuable safety tips in the process, this short test is worth checking out.
Co-op issues call for technicians
By popular demand, Roanoke Electric Co-op is broadening its capability to serve more member-owners through its Roanoke Connect program. To do so, it's seeking to hire more installer technicians.  For more information about this rewarding opportunity, read more.

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