34 Years and Counting!

Last week Melanie and I began our 34th year of full-time ministry concentrating on Christian apologetics, discernment, current events, Spiritual Warfare, and Bible Prophecy.

God has been beyond awesome as He has led us and allowed us great favor and grace to carry out His direction for our lives serving Him.

He has brought to us tremendous opportunities, resources to draw information through, and allowed us insight into His Word as we help us light the way forward. As the Church inches ever closer to our some-day-soon encounter with King Jesus, God is helping us make sense of some of the many events leading to the culmination of the Church Age.

Our mission statement and purpose for being hasn't changed through these years. It has always been to see the lost saved and the Church
changed by the power of Jesus Christ!

As God has led us, He's also provided for us and He's done so through individuals who listen for His voice, see the needs and then respond accordingly.

We have never had corporate sponsorship or large endowments. We have never sought out grants but have instead been funded through contributions from individuals who believe that a ministry such as Take A Stand! is a ministry for such a time as this.

In fact, all of the travel expenses, equipment, research, and my involvement with Jan Markell as co-host of "Understanding the Times Radio" is made possible because of your donations and giving to Take A Stand! Most recently, it was your generous gifts that has provided the funds for us to concentrate on building and growing Take A Stand! TV to reach out through regular video segments going out freely to anyone in the world with web access. After announcing the vision for TAS-TV a few months ago, we are now only $4-5,000 from finally purchasing all of the gear needed to complete the foundation of this, the most extensive - and expensive - aspect of ministry that we've ever undertaken. Though we are up and recording, we're still having to create time consuming "work-arounds" until funding is complete.

Meeting needs like this are no problem for God but we're constantly aware that it is HIS hand that provision comes from. We've just continued to say "use us Lord" and by faith have watched as He's provided. Praise the Lord!

So, I'm asking God bring us that $4-5000 needed. I'm also asking Him to provide more regular monthly givers who will step up and help meet the growing budget of Take A Stand! Ministries as well. Every gift and every monthly commitment is a blessing and helps us move ahead to reach souls and bring answers to the "remnant" Church in these uncertain times.

Your gifts are completely tax deductible and can be made securely here online or by sending your check to the address below.

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With grateful hearts to God and our partners...Thanks!

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"We exist to see the lost saved and the Church changed by the power of Jesus Christ."

What should our reaction be to revelations that a former President - and his wife - appear to have been both passively and actively involved in Haitian Voodoo Witchcraft?

The old-fashioned Baptists would say "I plead the blood" but not in reference to the heinous activities carried out in Voodoo rituals! Christians must remember and proclaim that there is no blood more powerful than that which was spilled on Mt. Calvary 2000 years ago. The bloody, demonic rituals are nothing but a Satan-inspired mockery of the perfect sacrifice given by our incarnate and soon-coming King!

Satan keeps untold numbers of people in bondage through the powers of the Occult but the blood of the spotless lamb - Jesus Christ - is the remedy! He truly sets captives free. During this election season we must speak up, vote, and pray that America be freed from the bondage of godless agendas and godless judges. God is the final arbiter of whether we'll remain a lighthouse shining the beacon of truth around the world. But His Word asks "If my people..."

Believers need to be on their knees, next informed, and then ready to battle in Spiritual Warfare! Otherwise, we may once again invite those practicing the occult to rule our land.

Watch: "The Clinton's Voodoo Connection" HERE!

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Coming in Part Three

  Truth or Consequences - What Does it All Mean?



Mrs. Clinton claims to be an "old fashioned Methodist" but who and what really dictates her spiritual beliefs?

What about the séances and ongoing necromancy?

Who is Michael Lerner and the Marxist philosophy of Tikkun Magazine?

Why Hillary will not reverse but rather increase Obama's open-door policy on Islam and illegal aliens.

Hillary Clinton is the odds on favorite to be elected President of the United States in November, 2016 - especially with the help of a biased news media.  But does America really know what they are getting if they put her in the White House?
Biblical Christians have an obligation to inform our friends, neighbors and families!


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