Mar 2017
Agape Loves Birth Parents
Agape Birth Parents

Many things in life are unplanned.  We think we have it all together and then there is something that happens to throw us off.  Parenthood is probably the place this happens the most.  Whether it is something we missed on the school calendar, a child's illness during the busiest week at work or an unplanned pregnancy...some things in life creep up on us to make parenting really, really hard.  

Agape is here to serve not only the children but the parents we meet along the way. There are those in unplanned pregnancy situations, mothers and fathers, that we connect with and love on. We sometimes have foster families reaching out to the parents of the children in their homes by inviting them to church or helping them with other needs.

Recently we were asked if we could place an older child in an adoption plan.  This was no longer a newborn from an unplanned pregnancy and it was not a child in foster care.  It was a child who's guardian was not able to continue care for their special needs.   They had done the best they could for as long as they could because this was an unplanned situation they found themselves in.  Agape said yes when others said no. 

So thank you for helping us serve children and parents in their time of need.  Your prayers get us through many days of unplanned journeys and help us share love along the way.
Enhanced Foster Care Families Needed
Imagine that you are 5 years old and a social worker has just picked you up from your home.  And as you drive away she tells you that you're going to have to live with strangers until mom can make it safe for you at home again.  You are in shock and overwhelmed with emotions:  anger, fear, powerlessness, hopelessness.  But do you know what would make it worse . . . a LOT worse?  Also being separated from your brothers and sisters, ages 1, 4, 7 and 11, who are going to different foster homes.  Just imagine.
A special focus for Agape is keeping large sibling groups together in a foster home through Enhanced Foster Care (EFC). Several families have committed to partnering with Agape to keep siblings together however we are in desperate need for more of these families.  Will you consider partnering with us in this ministry? Training and support is vital for families to be successful, but the starting point is the family being led by the Spirit to say, "Tell me more."  Contact Buddy Renahan for more details on becoming an Enhanced Foster Care family.

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As a ministry of Jesus Christ, Agape's mission is that vulnerable and orphaned children find permanency in safe, nurturing families.