PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child!
Rain Can't Wipe Away Smiles 

The children run down the hill and help carry the ladders and gutters and wood and tools up the hill.  
Fewer School Drop-Outs
The last time we counted we had 1,069 students. This number has increased because of the rainwater harvesting project. "It helps them to be on time and enjoy studying more," Venuste says, smiling.    Read more...
130 Rainwater Tanks

The churches in Rwanda are working together to improve life. Many church denominations have received the gift of rainwater and WASH Health & Hygiene training: 

Pentecostal - 35
Presbyterian -22
Anglican - 12
Methodist - 12
Catholic - 8
7th Day Adventist - 7
Good News - 6
Baptist - 4
Assembly of God - 3
Nazarene - 2
Other - 19
Almost 60,000 Rwandans Benefit

15 Underground 40,000
115 Aboveground 5,000

Many more Rwandans have benefited from wells (141), water filters (hundreds), and chlorination systems (9).
Kigali Life

Sometimes it is funny, living in a foreign land. Read more...

Sometimes it's a little scarry. 
May 2015

Water and 
the Word

Lost in Translation?
Not the important stuff!


 "He Has the Whole World in His Hands"

It might seem impossible to bridge communication and cultural and economic differences. But, we know that it is a simple message. 


PEACE Events at Saddleback Church

May 23rd - 6 pm

June 27th - 6 pm
Larry and Carolyn will be in California to give an update on progress in Rwanda.


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