17 March 2017
Science teacher Mrs. Rosner works with members of the Robotics Club to build the components of a moving machine.
Greetings from Mr. Gault

When a fifth grader begins his career at The De La Salle School he enters an experience where he is no longer in a self-contained class with one teacher.  Subjects are taught by teachers who focused their college study on the material they currently teach.  Such background provides our students with educators who have deep knowledge and keen enthusiasm for the subject they teach. 
Wander the halls and venture into Mrs. Rosner's science class where the students in the 8th grade are busy building roller coasters to prove a physics theory or 5th grade students who are excited about the volcano they are creating for the science fair.
Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter " π ") is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant - the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter -, which is approximately 3.14159.  Ms. Pagano's math classes use the day to explore Pi's infinite nature through a series of games and fun challenges to memorize, and to computationally calculate more and more digits. 
Mr. Vera's Art classes not only explore Art History, they take time to create and a variety of artistic masterpieces that we display proudly throughout the halls of the school building.  Who needs an interior decorator?
Health and fitness is second nature in Mr. Donodeo's Gym class where you might find students running on a treadmill in the fitness room, calisthenics in the gym or playing a game of volleyball, basketball or soccer.
Every teacher at The De La Salle School brings to the classroom a sense of enthusiasm and love for their subject that captivates and motivates the students to follow their dreams.  The faculty are focused on the strengths of the students whether they are being challenged to explore new lands and cultures in Mrs. Boniello's Social Studies class, a focus on Literature and the Arts in Mr. Lamberti's ELA class, or being encouraged to enhance their relationship with God in Brother Timothy's Religion class.
Please visit our school and explore the world of a De La Salle student for yourself.  We invite you to join the 8th grade class when they pray the Stations of the Cross on Tuesday, 11 April at 7:00 PM or Wednesday, 12 April at 2:00 PM
Live Jesus in our hearts!
William L. Gault
Executive Director
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
A Day in the Life of a De La Salle Gentleman
- Great teachers make great students!

Our gym and health teacher, Mr. Donodeo, above, instructs the 5th grade students on how to learn the circulatory system through an active exercise game. Click here to see the exercise in action! Left, the 5th grade students apply the volleyball skills taught by Mr. Donodeo.
Math teacher Miss Pagano's Pi Day activities included instructions on how to use Pi to calculate the circumference of their heads, so that they can choose the right size hat. Above, in the 6th grade class, Bryan takes measurement of Angel's head, and right, after calculations are complete, Stephen and Jaime fit the perfect hats to their head circumference.
Tech or no tech: Mr. Lamberti's 7th grade ELA class reads 
The Giver, and Mr. Vera's 8th grade technology class use the Chromebooks.
Brother Timothy teaches religion interactively, as the 6th grade students toss a volleyball one to the other, quizzing each other on religion facts.
Oil pastels, watercolors and other mediums and techniques are used
by all students to create beautiful art in Mr. Vera's art classes.
Week of 10 March

Word of the Week - veracity - conforming with truth or fact; power of conveying or perceiving truth.

Gentleman of the Week - Noe, 8th Grade
Writer of the Week - Augusto, 7th Grade
Artist of the Week  - Anthony, 7th Grade

Week of 3 March

Word of the Week - 
reciprocal - 
a paired cross, a type of relationship that is shared on both sides, mutually corresponding.

Gentleman of the Week - Keneth M., 5th Grade
Writer of the Week - Daniel L., 8th Grade
Artist of the Week  - Emil, 7th Grade

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