Dear GW-CEPL Alumni and Friends,

How do you begin your workday? Stressed? Anxious about the next deadline or meeting? That long to-do list of things you need to do when you get home? 

Take a moment to sit back in  your chair, and think about how your body communicates that stress and anxiety to you... and then do the following with us:

Uplift your posture and let a long exhale soften your chest...
Expand out a little more... and settle.  Whew... 
Now, do it again... Feel that energy move through your body... 
Exhale... relax... reset... 
You got this! 
Are you ready to take on the day?!

For those of you who are familiar with "Leadership Embodiment" and understand what we have just done here together, we have some very exciting news to share (and if this is new to you, please give us a quick chance to explain!)

Over the course of the last few years, GW-CEPL has steadily  expanded its work in area of leadership coaching, and particularly Leadership Embodiment coaching. As such, we are very proud to announce we are launching our first-ever Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT) Program. 

LECT is a 6-month offering for professional coaches and experienced  facilitators who want to deepen their experience with the practices and principles of the Leadership Embodiment (LE) model and develop the skills to share the work with individuals, groups, and organizations. 

For those of you who are not familiar with LE, or if you are not a professional coach or facilitator, we still encourage you to look through the information below, and see if you might be interested in learning more. Our upcoming LE course in March can help serve as your introduction to Leadership Embodiment and the practice of somatic coaching.

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WHY LEADERSHIP EMBODIMENT?  The Leadership Embodiment (LE) model is based on our capacity to know ourselves and continue to find ways to share our potential for wise and compassionate action under pressure. 

Now available on Amazon: Leadership Embodiment  by Wendy Palmer and Janet Crawford.
Our coaches and faculty specialize in assessing how our bodies organize while under pressure an d offer exercises and practices that help us reconnect to our centered se lves, a more open, upl ifted and inclusive way of being.
The more we understand our own habits and patterns under stress and can embody the processes that help us recover, the more authentic we can be when coaching others. When we, as coa ches, embody strength and warmth, inspiration and interest, we are modeling what we would like to encourage in our clients. Instead of taking ourselves out of the picture, we take the view that we are on the path with them. We practice along with them, and together we cultivate openness, transparency and enthusiasm.

OUR PARTNERS: The course will be offered by GW-CEPL in partnership with Leadership Embodiment and facilitated by Wendy and Tiphani Palmer.

Introducing Leadership Embodiment with Wendy and Tiphani Palmers
"Introducing Leadership Embodiment" with Wendy and Tiphani Palmers

The Path into Leadership Embodiment: 
If you are interested in becoming a LE Certified Coach you will need to have completed the prerequisites of attending a Level 1, Level 2 and a Retreat Intensive. Below we have mapped out the steps you need to take to help guide you in the process:

STEP 1: Understanding the Fundamentals: Leadership Embodiment Levels 1&2 

This combination Level 1&2 Leadership Embodiment course offers participants an introduction to LE, language, practices, principles and ways to deepen our awareness and explore our  patterns that arise when we are in intense situations. 

Once we are familiar with our pattern, we apply centering  practices to help us shift to a more creative, compassionate and skillful state. 

Working in pairs,  we chunk down learning exercises to create a lasting somatic imprint in the body. Individual debrief and group discussions add to the learning dynamic. Click here to learn more...

DATES:  March  22-24, 2017 (Registration Deadline March 7!)
LOCATION: GW Alexandria Graduate Education Cntr., Suite 250, 413 John Carlyle St., Alexandria, VA
COST: $1,950  (includes program fee, all class materials, meals and a copy of Wendy Palmer's book Leadership Embodiment) 
We offer a 5% discount to GW Staff, Students and Alumni, a 10% discount to GW-CEPL alumni, and a 10% discount to those registering for the entire LECT program. In addition, we offer a 50% discount for participants who have previously completed the Level 1 course via Leadership Embodiment or its affiliates.
OF NOTE: This part of the program offers 28  Continuing Coach Education Units and 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
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STEP 2: Diving Deeper with the Leadership Embodiment Retreat

Those that have completed Level 1 and/or Levels 1 & 2 Leadership Embodiment courses are invited to attend a LE Retreat. Retreats offer participants a chance to deepen their experience of the LE model with more intensive practice. Click here to learn more...

DATES:  TBD 2018 (for 2017 participants interested in completing this prerequisite, please consider the retreat hosted by Suzanne Martel on April 17-20, 2017, at the  Centre de villegiature Jouvence in Orford, Quebec ). For inquiries about the April retreat, please contact Suzanne Martel via phone: 450-525-2812, or via email: 

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Achieving Full Mastery of Leadership Embodiment as a Coach

In the course of the three modules, we will walk you through the foundational model process, including how to introduce your client or team to the LE model, centering and centered listening. Modules 2 and 3 will then focus on inspiration and declaration, speaking up and taking a stand in the face of adversity, and cover the ongoing client session material.  Click here  to learn more...

(Application Deadline is April 10!)

The 6-month LECT program consists of 3 training modules: 
Module 1: June 8-11, 2017
Module 2: August 3-6, 2017
Module 3: October 12-15, 2017

*Please note you must have completed the prerequisites outlined in STEPS 1 and 2 before starting the program.

LOCATION: GW Alexandria Graduate Education Cntr., 413 John Carlyle St., Alexandria, VA
COST:  $11,800 (includes all course sessions, materials, meals, books, mentoring and coaching- it does not include travel/accommodation) 
We offer a 5% discount to GW Staff, Students and Alumni, a 10% discount to GW-CEPL alumni, and a 10% discount to those registering for the entire LECT program. In addition, we offer a 50% discount for participants who have previously completed the Level 1 course via Leadership Embodiment or its affiliates.

OF NOTE: This part of the program offers 12.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Continuing Coach Education Units will be provided and the number will be updated soon.

TO REGISTER:  click here
Please note the registration is the first step of the application process.  A full application packet will be emailed to you immediately after your registration, and will be due on or before April 10, 2017.

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Wendy Palmer demonstrating a Leadership Embodiment technique in one of the GW-CEPL classes.
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