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So many exciting things have been happening here at A Place to Grow! We have been busy meeting with clients and designing their sacred spaces as well as selling all of our inventory! Also in case you didn't get a chance to see the latest copy of SLO Life Magazine, they featured us on the cover and wrote a wonderful article about A Place to Grow and how we have grown! We were also recently featured in Houston House and Home Magazine in an article talking about She Sheds and the recent book by Erika Kotite that features one of our sheds on the cover. Lastly, keep an eye out for the August 23rd Home & Garden Section in The Tribune. They wrote an article about feminine retreats/She Sheds where several of our clients' sheds will be featured! So many exciting things going on to be grateful for!

We also had a wonderful time with author Erika Kotite when she joined us here at A Place to Grow to sign her book "She Sheds, A Room of Your Own"! We had a great time catching up with existing clients and new clients while hearing about Erika's next book about She Sheds that she is currently working on. She will once again be featuring some of our clients' sheds in her new book. We are so excited to see it when it comes out and will let you know when it is available. 

Looking for a sacred space? At  A Place to Grow  we specialize in creating unique outdoor lifestyle spaces for you to grow, whether it's a greenhouse to grow plants, an artist studio/meditation retreat to grow spiritually or an outdoor dining room to grow peace and tranquility while sharing a meal with family and friends. As soon as you are ready to start designing your own unique structure, please respond to this email or call us at 805.704.2161.

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Featured Structure: Arroyo Grande Sacred Space 
This amazing space has incredible views out the back looking over rural Arroyo Grande! Our clients wanted a space where they could relax and enjoy their view while being protected from the chilly winds that sometimes sweep through their back yard. We worked with them to come up with a design that gave them all the glass to enjoy their views. They painted it to match their home and decorated it so beautifully! We can see how peaceful a space they have created using their unique talents to decorate it in a meaningful way.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of co-creating this sacred space with our client.

At A Place to Grow  we specialize in unique, one of a kind sheds that bring artistry to your space. Ready to get a shed of your own? Just give us a call at 805.704.2161 or stop by our shop at 445 B Prado Road, San Luis Obispo, CA.

We Sold All of Our Inventory Sheds!

We have had a very busy summer so far which has included selling all of our sheds that we had for display in our yard! We will truly miss each one of them as they were all beautiful in their own way. The one pictured here is our "Rustic Romance Shed" that has since gone to live in lovely Los Osos with an incredible view of Morro Rock. This shed was built using urban forested lumber from Pacific Coast Lumber making it a truly remarkable, re-purposed shed!

We also sold our beloved "Nantucket Shed" which is now in Salinas! The "Zen Den" has a new home in Morro Bay and the "Simply Elegant Greenhouse" is in beautiful Nipomo!

If you have a wood project that you need help with, we specialize in unique projects and would love to partner with you to make your project come to life! Please give us a call at 805.704.2161 or respond to this email.

Meet Our Assistant, Morgan Sheppard!

Meet Morgan Sheppard, she comes to us as a recent Cal Poly graduate with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Entrepreneurship.
Morgan's passion is keeping stuff out of the landfill and she has a deep sense of responsibility for the environment. She is also interested in creating art and sharing it with others. Making art that has a positive impact in others' lives is really important to her. 

Morgan says that her favorite part of working at A Place to Grow is seeing the impact that our structures have on our clients. She is amazed at how creatively they are using these sacred spaces. She loves working with our clients, picking out the materials that will go into their structures and knowing that the materials have a story. She loves the relationships that she grows with the clients from start to finish, making that real and meaningful connection with them. Seeing the end result is really gratifying for Morgan as she feels like we have truly done something to make our client's lives better! 

Morgan recently shared with me that when she was 5 years old she had a playhouse that she dreamed of remodeling. She then showed me a picture of the drawing that she made with the changes that she would made, it looked a lot like we do! That's how we know that she is exactly where she is supposed to be and we are so grateful to have her as part of our A Place to Grow family.

Our Third Donated Greenhouse!
We are excited to share with you that we recently donated our third greenhouse to a local school, Monarch Grove Elementary in Los Osos! This donation was particularly sweet in that it was a collaboration between A Place to Grow (APG), Pacific Coast Lumber (PCL) and the Monarch Grove PTA. 

This past February, storms along the central coast caused several cypress trees to fall down. Sean O'Brien from PCL retrieved a cypress tree that was down at Morro Bay High School. He then milled that cypress tree for the greenhouse.

APG, along with a volunteer from the Monarch Grove Elementary garden program, designed the greenhouse and selected the reclaimed materials to be incorporated into it. This was truly a labor of love and a great collaboration. The school had a ribbon cutting event during their open house in late May where the children were involved and so excited about their greenhouse! If you are in Los Osos drive by the back of the school and you will see it in their garden!

If you would like one of these unique and environmentally friendly sheds for your garden, please give us a call at 805.704.2161 or stop by our showroom at 445 B Prado Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

Calendar of Upcoming Events


Morro Bay Art in the Park at the Morro Bay City Park located on Morro Bay Blvd. at Harbor, Labor Day Weekend, Saturday, Sunday & Monday September 2, 3 & 4, 10-5:00 pm

2017 Inspired Home Expo of San Luis Obispo  at the Alex Madonna Expo Center, 100 Madonna Rd. San Luis Obispo, CA. Saturday, September 15th, 10-5:00 pm and Sunday, September 16th, 10-4:00 pm

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