Dear Alexander Graham Bell Community,   
There are milestone moments in our lives, moments that can change our perspective on everything that has gone before and everything to come .

This past weekend, I experienced the milestone of seeing my son marry his true love in the presence of family and friends with whom we have shared love, tears and joy throughout our lives. Our families were joined together, and that feeling of unity in that one moment changed my sense of wonder, my compassion for others and my hopes for the future.

And suddenly I understood as never before what it must feel like, when a deaf child hears his parent's voice for the first time, how it draws that child into the community we share. I pictured my son as a little boy, and I remembered how sweet his tiny voice was, how he would laugh aloud as a baby when I made funny sounds. Then, in that wonderful mountain setting, I heard the rustling of the Dominican breeze and the sound of a tropical rain that, rather than dampening our spirits, transformed the moment into an unforgettable memory.

The orchestra struck up a hymn, and I recognized what a treasure it was to be able to hear Gabriel and Rachel as they spoke words of love and promise, to hear music echo off the walls of the old stone church, to hear the murmurs of shared joy of the family gathered around me.

In that moment, I treasured all that my hearing was giving to me in the experience of my son's ceremony. The importance of how much is communicated to each of us through sound, whether it be singular moments of your life, the sound of your professor lecturing the class, your phone ringing with a long-awaited call, or your favorite hit song - so much is gained or lost through the communication of sound. It reminded me of why AG Bell is so important to so many.

We give the gift of sound.

Sound is a critical thread in the fabric of human life. It plays an incredible role in how we experience and share it together. It is essential to speaking a common language, to sharing the stories of our lives, to discovering the joy and pain that bind us together.

You can give the gift of sound to a child who is hard of hearing and help them join in our shared experience as people who use listening and spoken language. Your gift can come in many ways. Our community needs supporters that help make the world of listening and spoken language vital and vibrant. I hope you'll think about getting involved in your local chapter, giving hope to families through our scholarship and financial aid fund , or sharing your story through our social media efforts.

We give the gift of sound - and you can, too.

Until next week,

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Emilio Alonso-Mendoza

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving .

Mother Teresa