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At ABC Birds We Love Birds and this can be seen in every decision we make...from the type of cages we offer to the kind of food on our shelves. It has never been about the profit or the bottom line but always about the birds and helping folks create a happy and successful long term relationship with their feathered family members.

This goal is the reason we offer the most unique after care policy in the region. You are offered lifetime support and behavior information by the owners - Barry and I - Jamie Whittaker ( read about us by click on my name ) 
as well as a discount on all products/boarding/& free basic grooming . To insure a happy bird we also send your new friend home with a toy that they select, a week of food and cage paper. We send the new owner home with as much advice as they can handle as well as a "One Month Happiness Required Policy ".  If you are not happy with your choice of feathered friend, you may make an exchange or receive a credit, for the healthy return of your bird.

But, I think of all the ways we show our love of bird, our  " No Guilt ReHome Policy " is the most loving. We offer families who find that bird ownership feels impossible, support and guidance. If we can make it possible for the bird to stay in the home ,we do, but if that is not the best outcome for the bird or the people we offer rehomeing. All the possible options are discussed with kindness and understanding and if the bird is placed in our care he/she will stay with ABC Birds until a wonderful new home can be found. To read an article about rehomeing  
" THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A COMPANION PARROT " just click the title of this article written by Jamie Whittaker :)


Parrot eating corn bread
Jamie's Birdie Bread Recipe

2 boxes Jiffy corn muffin mix
2 eggs with shells
2/3 cup water
1 cup frozen mixed veggies thawed
1/2 cup frozen chopped broccoli thawed
1/2 cup raw chopped sweet potato
1 tbs. peanut butter

Preheat oven to 325 to 350*. mix egg, water and finely crushed
egg shells in mixing bowl. I usually chop eggs and shells up in a
food processor. Add all of veggies and mix well. For smaller
birds, veggies chopped in food processor works well. Add corn
muffin mix, peanut butter and baking powder and mix well again.
Pour into an 8x12 baking pan and bake for 45 minutes.
Remove and cool completely.
Cut into cubes and freeze unused portions
for later use.



We are so excited to finally get our first newsletter published and hopefully you will find it worthy of sharing with your friends. Our future issues will contain original articles as well as advice and links . We want to be a fun and informative monthly visitor so please give us your feedback and advice.
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Newly Weaned
Baby Goffin
Newly Weaned Baby Goffin
We have raised this sweet baby from an egg and know she/he is a super sweet and smart little Goffin. If a small cockatoo has been a parrot you have always wanted come visit us and hold this sweet baby. Learn all you can about the needs and potential of this of parrot by researching: 

Timneh African Grey
Needs ReHome

Timneh Grey
   2 Year old Female


These amazing little cousins of the African grey are often over looked. They do very well in families and adjust quickly to their surroundings.


They are outgoing and friendly with the whole family. They love their toys and play on their own happily.  


They have a good potential for speech, but are not a noisy bird in most homes.

Other babies & adults in ABC as of April 25, 2012
Blue Headed Pionus
Handfed Love Birds
Hahns Macaw
Blue & Gold Macaw Indian Ring Neck and many more...


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