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Welcome to We Save Thanks to our partners, we are making progress with our ongoing public education efforts about the 3 D's, drunk, drugged and distracted driving. We appreciate all you do. 

We Save Lives Announces New Anti-Stoned Driving Campaign

Although We Save Lives focuses on the 3 D's, we are becoming more and more concerned about the drugged driving issue, especially  marijuana and driving.  

The recent "legalization" in some states allowing marijuana use for both medical and recreational purpose is having a negative impact throughout the nation: we are seeing a dramatic increase with users driving under the influence of marijuana according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


To address this concern, We Save Lives has become the first international highway safety organization to launch an educational campaign with this short but powerful video aimed at discouraging people from driving stoned. 


How Can You Help Us Save Lives!


Please share this video; post it on your website, twitter, Facebook, and send to friends, family, co-workers, as many people as you can think of to help spread the word. Stoned driving is not safe!

Take Action! California
Despite our best efforts, AB1356, allowing roadside oral fluid testing for drugged driving, did not pass out of the public safety committee. The chairman, Bill Quirk, wanted to drop THC from the list of drugs to be tested. We would not.  As a result, he would not support this bill.  We will be back in January for another try.  Stay tuned . .


Take Action! Illinois
Illinois is getting ready to implement a 15ng per se limit for THC, by far the highest limit proposed in the U.S. It is three times the limit in existence anywhere else in the nation, is not supported by any scientific evidence, and would eliminate Illinois's ability to keep marijuana-impaired drivers from endangering the public.    Write Governor Bruce Rauner and urge him to veto this bill.  

 Moving Toward a Movement, A Conversation with Candace Lightner, WSL Founder.

We Save Lives welcomes as a new Partner!

Notice our new colors and new logo.  Thanks to 

Y & R, the Miami Bravo office who adopted us and the genius behind the "Weed Advisory" video, our revised website should be up soon.  Stay tuned . . .

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