Dear Fellow Changemakers,
This has been an extraordinary week of engagement in our nation's history. At Taproot, we are proud that we respect and promote a diversity of opinions and an atmosphere of inclusiveness. We are a non-partisan organization and encourage all of you--nonprofits, skilled volunteers, and our partners--to participate in this conversation and share your perspective and your own personal calls to action.
This week, we find the need to make our voice heard and to remember that ours is a country built on inclusiveness, opportunity, and protecting human rights. Taproot is strongly against any form of discrimination based on religious, racial, or country of origin.
Taproot is about providing resources to organizations and opportunities for volunteers to donate their skills in pro bono service. We applaud our pro bono colleagues who are offering pro bono legal support, many in airports around the country.
I want to honor organizations supporting immigrants' rights who have received pro bono services from us. Organizations like the ACLU of Southern California, who worked with consultants on strategy; Apna Ghar, who worked with marketing consultants; Immigrant Legal Resource Center, who focused on IT solutions; and so many more. 

We have received many inquiries from nonprofits and skilled volunteers looking for support and/or ways to engage.
To our nonprofit partners, here are the kinds of pro bono services that may be most helpful to you now: social media marketing, public relations strategy, video production, and more.

To our skilled volunteers, here are some ways you can get involved: help optimize websites, guide PR strategy, assist with social media, provide AV support, and  more.

I hope that you will all find your own way to contribute meaningfully to this conversation in a way that protects the most fundamental human rights.
Liz Hamburg
President and CEO