The Excitement Never Ends!
We have been hard at work and we're taking a second to fill you in!
THANK YOUs Are ALWAYS First In Order
To the generous people that raised their hands to help CHES this past year. Whether it was giving your time, your advice, your encouragement, your air miles, your funds, and/or your expertise, w hatever you gave bore much fruit.  We continue to be so grateful to you and we want you to know that our success is just as much your success.
The Summer 2015 Trip  far exceeded our expectations! We offered new programming as well as traveled to parts of Haiti that were unknown to us. We worked with women entrepreneurs in the North and in Central Haiti. 

In the North in Limbe, we went to follow-up with Pwodwi Lakay (PWOL), the women owned food warehouse we helped launch by way of a loan, training and coaching in 2013. This summer, we coached them, introduced them to other entrepreneurs and prospective clients, helped them conduct market research by way of a survey. PWOL learned many useful things from their community through the survey. When CHES arrived, we greeted despondent and discouraged women; when we left, we bade farewell to re-energized business owners. PWOL is now relocating and regrouping. Our hope at CHES is that in our next newsletter, we can report that PWOL overcame their challenges and are thriving again.

In Central Haiti in Gonaives, we hosted a three day workshop for women merchants in partnership with Partners for Change. The time we spent with them was profoundly fulfilling - but you should hear it from them. Watch this 1 minute kreyòl (english subtitled) video of them reflecting on their learning experience with us.

" PFC is so grateful that CHES was able to be a part of this success story. We appreciate and commend CHES for their great work in Haiti, and would be more than happy to collaborate again with Mrs. Obounou and all the strong women of CHES. We hope that this relationship will continue and we will be able to create meaningful projects for our sisters and brothers in Haiti."  
- Myriam Jeannis, Executive Director of Partners for Change

CHES volunteers who attended the trip also had much to say:

"' Would you do it again?' My answer is: 'YES, without a doubt!'  For those of you reading this, I urge you to make it a point to help and support someone in need. You may never know what your effort and time will mean and do for someone in need." - Myriam Paul 

"Going into the CHES 2015 Haiti trip, I had many worries: 'How would I fundraise the money? What could I contribute the the cause?' However, the confidence I had in the mission ahead was greater than my doubts. There was not one day during our our trip where I regretted making the sacrifice to join hands in CHES' work. Our trip was nothing short of amazing, I found myself greatly refreshed and inspired by people, by their stories and their perseverance.  " - Marcia Roseme
Welcome Robens!

Our new treasurer is originally from Haiti. He has been working in the financial field for over 21 years. We are thrilled to have his expertise on the team. 

" I decided to join CHES with hope of making a difference in the lives of people in need. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and most of its inhabitants are struggling to make ends meet. Since CHES is undertaking multiple activities in the motherland, I figured it would be a great fit for me to help and make a difference in many lives." - Robens Joseph
Wrapping up 2015 & Looking Ahead to 2016....
We're Continuing Follow-up with PWOL and the women we have taught
Andral our part-time employee on the ground in Haiti continues to work with PWOL and report his observations on how we can continue to support. We are also scheduling remote follow-up sessions with the women we have trained the past couple of years.

You Can Come to Us for Your Holiday Gifts
55% of our revenue in 2014 were generated from the products that we sell. We finance our operations with the proceeds we generate and through donations. We offer a host of exciting products some of which are made by Haitian companies headquartered in Haiti!  

We're Planning Ahead Already!
We're already in discussions about our upcoming trips and other activities for 2016. We are looking for people to come on board for various volunteer opportunities. Contact us if you  are interested.
The Gift of Light
You can give a student the gift of safe light. Most of Haiti's students study at night by dangerous kerosene oil lamps because electricity is so unreliable. Kerosene oil can damage eyesight, cause respiratory disorders and deadly fires. We have partnered with Enèji Pwòp ("Clean Energy" in Kreyòl) to provide these students these gifts.

CHES Participated in a World Bank Global Dialogue
The World Bank and the Young Americas Business Trust hosted a online global dialogue that brought together young entrepreneurs from 46 countries. Read more..
You CAN'T MISS the Haiti Movie Awards
On November 1st, is one of the best Haitian cultural events in Boston. Don't miss this posh affair that brings some of Haiti's biggest stars. Purchase tickets here
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