No one ever said motherhood was easy. I know I am challenged every day to do my job differently than my mom. This is compounded, of course, by the loss I experienced - the ultimate slap in the face for a parent. It frames everything I do as a parent. I'm so grateful J.T. is walking with me, guiding me as I struggle with not having him here, and doing what is best for his sister and brother.

We all have our challenges, whether we are moms missing our kids, or kids missing our moms. I call May "Moms' Month" because one day is just not enough to focus on moms (and yes, June is dads' month ;-))

This month, use this great mom energy to connect with your mom/children on the other side. I know from my own experiences, they are eager to connect and help you on your journey. If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. I want others to understand what I know to be true: Being a mom doesn't end when someone transitions to the other side. That relationship is always there, and that love can never die.

Sending love out there to all the moms, here and there. Hoping you have a wonderful Moms' Month!
Grief Connecting Group

One of the most important things to me when J.T. left was to know he was okay. Did he find his way? Did he meet my father who passed before his birth? Who else met him on the other side? Did he “make it” to heaven?
The relief I felt in my heart, the weight that was lifted from my chest, when I received the answers to those questions helped my grief process beyond belief! I felt I could breathe again.

In this workshop, you will learn the signs your loved ones use to let you know they are still close by. You will also learn how to open up your own receivers to connect with your loved ones on your own. Your loved ones want to connect with you and help you understand where they are now, how they got there, and what they are doing now.

Everyone in attendance will receive messages from their loved ones!

You will also get a 15 minute follow-up phone call with me to see how connection is working for you and what you need to do to enhance that connection.

Space is limited to 8 participants, so register now to hold your spot!

Please note: this is a workshop, which means you will also be learning how to receive messages. Come prepared to learn!

When: Wednesday, May 30th 6:30pm - 8pm
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $50 per participant
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Wednesday, May 30th 6:30pm
Grief Connecting Workshop
Loveland, CO

Saturday, June 2nd - Sunday, June 3rd
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Post Falls, ID

Saturday, June 9th 1pm
I Feel What You Feel: An Empath's Survival Workshop
Loveland, CO

Saturday, July 28th - Sunday, July 29th
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Altadena, CA

Thursday, August 9th - Saturday, August 11th
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Friday, August 10th 2pm
Letters from Heaven
Lily Dale, NY

Saturday, August 11th 7pm
Stories from Heaven Gallery Readings
Edinboro, PA
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