Volume 49| January 18, 2018
Proud to Produce and Protect
our Gulf of Mexico
A Message from Executive Director Lori LeBlanc

The Gulf coast is a unique and precious coast with an abundance of God-given resources, including our vast coastal wetlands, bountiful fisheries, magnificent migratory waterfowl, as well as a rich supply of oil and gas. For the past 70 years, Louisiana has proudly served as the gateway to the Gulf, the front door to the boundless energy potential just miles off our coast and thousands of feet under the water’s surface.
We proudly do a job that other states along the Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean either hesitate or refuse to do – a job that literally helps fuel America. In Louisiana, we are Americans that produce American energy and we are proud to do it and we are proud to protect our valuable natural resources. In fact, in Louisiana, we have demonstrated that we can fuel America and at the same time provide the nation with over 20 percent of the nation’s commercial fisheries catch.
So, when other states refuse to open up their coastal waters because they are “unique”, I urge them to come to Louisiana, to see our “unique” and beautiful coastline, and to fish in our Gulf waters where we have successfully proven that we can balance American energy production with environmental stewardship. 
The Gulf of Mexico is this country’s most critical offshore energy basin and will remain so for many years to come. It is time for our country to recognize the importance of the Gulf basin and the work we do to provide American energy. 
 We are #GulfProudEnergyStrong!
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In the Gulf of Mexico we are proud to produce the energy to fuel America, to generate the revenues for the U.S. treasury, and to create thousands of good paying American Jobs. We stand together to be
Gulf Proud. Energy Strong .  

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