Teen Leadership Opportunities

Girl Scout Leadership Institute 2014-2015


Do YOU have what it takes to be the next great leader?!

Join us for our 2nd year of Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI-NYC). 

We are accepting applications from girls in grades 9-12 until March 7th, 2014!


Girl Scout Leadership Institute NYC is

a 15-month leadership development program for girls in grades 9-12in partnership with the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College. GSLI-NYC will allow girls to develop content knowledge/skills, give them exposure to women leaders within the workplace, explore careers, create and pitch a business idea, compete for internships and travel opportunities, undertake a major community service project, and deepen self-confidence. Girls selected for GSLI-NYC will participate in three program components: 


  • Six-Week Pre-Summer Preparation Seminarwhere girls will form a community and prepare for the Summer intensive.               
  • 10-15 Day Summer STEM or Entrepreneurship Intensive Sessionwhere participants will choose between a STEM track or a Social Entrepreneurship track. Participants will spend their time on and off of the Barnard College Campus learning valuable skills, and will design and pitch their own business plans to STEM and Entrepreneurial experts.
  • Nine-Month School Year Program: where participants will participate in leadership coaching circles, career days, leadership development workshops and leadership in practice opportunities (Girl Scout Gold Award, Internship or Apprenticeship, or the International Travel Opportunity).

GSLI-NYC participants will receive:
  • stipend for their work in the pre-summer seminar and summer intensive. 
  • An opportunity to apply for a chance to travel to Mexico to teach locl girls STEM and Entrepreneurship skills.
  • An opportunity to apply for paid internships and apprenticeships with corporations, non-profits, and government agencies.
  • An opportunity to apply for micro-grants to help fund their community action projects.
  • Metrocards during the summer intensive. 





What are the participants saying about GSLI-NYC?:


"GSLI was one of the most enlightening experience I've ever had, and I truly believe that every girl should have this opportunity as well.Throughout the entire process we had the support and mentorship of empowered women, who were also entrepreneurs, to guide us in the right direction. They were there to help us with anything we needed assistance on, or just as someone to talk to that knows firsthand what it is like to be a woman in the corporate world. We also went on excursions to actual functioning businesses so that we could apply all of the things that we were learning to real life. Each day was a new and fascinating experience, and really showed me that with enough hard work and determination, anything can happen. I learned a significant amount about leadership and entrepreneurial skills that I wouldn't have learned at school, or from my peers and parents."


-Lauren, GSLI-NYC Participant


Check out this video, where Helene Lerner, founder of Womenworking.com met three of our Girl Scouts to discuss their experiences with GSLI-NYC: 

GSLI Participants
GSLI Participants

Important Instructions to remember when submitting applications:
Download the brochure for GSLI-NYC 



  1. Remember to email gsli@girlscoutsnyc.org to register for a required information session in person at Girl Scouts of Greater New York (43 West 23rd Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10010) on February 20, 2013 at 6:00pm or through a webinar on February 18, 2014 or March 4, 2014 at 6:00pm.         
  2. Complete and submit the application via email to gsli@girlscoutsnyc.org by March 7th, 2014. If you wish to be considered for the competitive STEM track or International Travel opportunity, you must submit additional supplementary essays with your intiial application (found in your application packet).            
  3. Have two teachers, Girl Scout Volunteers, guidance counselors, or community leaders complete and submit the GSLI Recommendation Forms (found in your application packet).           
  4. Attend a group interview the week of March 10th, 2014.  



If you have any questions contact: Ren Myers, Program Coordinator at 212-645-4000 ext 297.