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President's Address
Happy February Friends!

February is Black History Month in our country. In New Hampshire, it represents an opportunity for us to engage our young children and families in conversations about race, equality and diversity. More importantly, the power of "standing up" in the face of adversity, to address inequalities.

Last November, NHAEYC traveled to the NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida and Ruby Bridges was the keynote. After listening to Ruby talk, it became clear to me that her plight as a young black girl to attain access to a quality education could be paralleled to our work in early childhood; addressing the need for ALL young children and families to have equal access to quality early experiences. 

Anecdotally, she shared stories of traveling all over the country and speaking at schools, were children seek her out and want to share their stories with her of adversity, inspiration and hope. During this part of her talk with all of us, she imparted a sense of urgency on us to take action to help give our children today a sense of hope, promise and love. She described the tough challenges (much tougher than her own), that she believes our nation's children are facing, and I couldn't agree more.

Last month, I shared ways with you to engage, empower and connect our field together to advocate for equitable compensation and opportunities. It is imperative as early childhood professionals that we understand that our advocacy work around higher wages for all, has a larger collective impact than just to us as individuals. It means our field can continue to grow, retain and develop professionals dedicated to providing the quality early experiences that our youngest citizens and families need to grow, play and learn in these challenging times.

Sometimes it starts with one person with an idea, with a belief, with a vision for how change needs to happen, how an injustice needs to be addressed, or how a nation needs to realize their full potential. Imagine if Ruby Bridges, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, or Harriet Tubman had seen themselves as just one person that did not have the power to change anything. These individuals took a stand and challenged a collective injustice that ultimately made an impactful change in our society.

Each of you has the power to be a part of ensuring our children grow to be everything they are meant to be.  I am and continue to be #soproudtobe part of our amazing field!

Pictured: Our colleagues racing in to see Ruby Bridges at the Annual Expo and Conference - thousands of us were in attendance!

I leave you with this quote from Ruby Bridges:
Don't follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you!

Jessica Sugrue, President

Let's Skip Winter and
 Go Right to SPRING!
Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN for our Annual Spring Conference! 

Top 10 Reasons to attend this year's 
NHAEYC Spring Conference:

10.   There is plenty of fun and meeting new and reacquainted colleagues.
9. You won't find better training and learning experience ANYWHERE!  Your Conference Committee spent untold hours planning the most wonderful time for every one of you!
8. There are snacks aplenty to keep you energized throughout the day!
7. You will get so many tools to come home with that you'll be setting off metal detectors everywhere you go!
6. We have an AWESOME Keynote speaker; Vincent Nunes coming in to share his world renowned wisdom with us and he is funny, powerful and sings and he knows A LOT about kids!
5. WHOA!!!!! Wait a minute....so you can get 6 ½  hours in a day ....all fun, all easy and TONS of variety....like one stop shopping to get your training hours!!!
4. Yoga, Curriculum and Theory are all coming to town! Yes! You heard me right!  Come spend the day and fall in love with your job all over again and return really understanding your kids!
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1. You just have to be there! We have the latest and greatest research, curriculum ideas, classroom and environment ideas all being brought to you. This year we have all original presentations!!! Never been seen in NH before sessions!!!

For information, and to sign up for the conference visit:  www.nhaeyc.org
Interested in helping? C ontact Conference staff: springconference@nhaeyc.org


Award-winning, curriculum-based original music for children & TEACHERS

"It all started with my daughters, Emily and Julia. I began writing children's songs for them. I admit it. I'm a walking children's music cliché." But six CDs later (and concerts and keynotes from coast to coast), Vincent has won numerous accolades for his music for children, including awards from the Parents' Choice Foundation, Children's Music Web, Parent's Guide to Children's Media, NAPPA and many others.

Vincent's music is impossible to categorize. He incorporates so many different styles- reggae, folk, blues, gospel, polka, African, jazz, pop, hip-hop, and even classical. Vincent believes, "children need to be exposed to different styles of music!"

Parents' Choice calls him "fresh, lively and engaging." The American Library Association says he's "rollicking...creative...rousing." Minnesota Parent says he's "musically literate... reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim." A "truly worthy children's singer-songwriter," says Publisher's Weekly, "consistently catchy musical styles... upbeat, enthusiastic, versatile."

"It is important to sing to children every day," says Vincent. "I like songs that are interactive and engage a child's sense of creativity. I think children like to move when they sing too. It also helps if the songs relate to a shared sense of values, like co-operation and tolerance."

Vincent's performance schedule has carried him from Massachusetts to California, from Texas to Michigan and to many schools, libraries and teacher conferences in between. "I love meeting folks dedicated to nurturing and educating young children. We understand each other. The future is our children. I can't think of a more important job."

Vincent just completed work on his most recent CD, "Holidays & Celebrations," a collection of 9 new compositions and 9 previously released songs. "They all fit together into this theme," Vincent observes. "Teachers and friends have been pushing me to do this for years.  It was big fun."

Click on the image to see Vincent in this YouTube video!


It's 2016, and our nation is coming ever closer to electing a new leader. Amidst the opportunities and challenges, the competing priorities, and the tumbling voices, we must work together  to ensure that early childhood education-and early childhood educators-stand up and stand out!

Early Ed for President is the beginning of an ongoing effort, powered by NAEYC, funded by the  $16 for 2016 campaign, and open to all individuals and organizations across the country. 

We encourage you to stay connected, engaged, and advocate! 

Thank you for joining us in a collective effort to ensure that all the
presidential candidates promote the power of early learning
on the road to the White House.

It's time to vote for #earlyedin2016
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