This is a little long, but we hope you'll enjoy reading it!
We'd like to take a moment to say thanks!

   I t 's been an exciting 12 months for The Energy Alliance Group of North America. We are thankful for many reasons and thought we would share them with you.

   First of all, we are thankful for you, our friends, supporters, partners and colleagues!
We appreciate you for reading our newsletters, blog posts, news stories, attending our events, contacting us, and being interested in what's going on with energy efficiency and energy efficiency financing. It's all about relationships and we value our long-term supporters and the new relationships we've created this year. Thank you for that!

   We're thankful for the five new proposal contracts that have been executed this year with The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan. These contracts allow EAG to evaluate facilities and operations and recommend comprehensive energy improvements, as well as arrange for the refinancing of prior energy efficiency projects with especially attractive terms. The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan is working with a fairly diverse group of clients, including:
  • The Roostertail, an iconic entertainment venue in Detroit, looking to upgrade its facilities;
  • Woodward Avenue Brewery, revitalizing a former brownfield property into a new brewery with space for parties and/or entertainment, and even room to grow some hops;
  • Lafayette Place Lofts in downtown Pontiac, working to refinance an already completed energy efficiency improvements with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing;
  • Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan,  which provides affordable housing to college students. We're hoping we can make it even more affordable with energy improvements; and
  • New Center Stamping Inc., an auto parts stamping plant in Detroit, operating in former Fisher Body plant built in 1923.
   We're thankful that we've been able to expand into the state of Ohio and create The Energy Alliance Group of Ohio, headed up by Tim Gladieux in the Toledo area. We will be holding a PACE educational panel discussion in the Toledo area Dec. 8, with hopes of educating business owners about energy efficiency and finance opportunities available there.
   We also appreciate everyone who attended one of EAG's "Keeping PACE with Energy Efficiency" panel discussions. In the last 12 months, we've hosted this event in Troy, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Traverse City, with great attendance and interest from attendees. We also hosted a webinar on PACE. We will continue those outreach and informational efforts in 2016 with plans for a program in Midland in February and other events to be scheduled.

   We're thankful for the work of Lean & Green Michigan and Levin Energy Partners, which have greatly expanded the PACE finance market in Michigan. As of Nov. 18, there are now 17 Michigan counties and 6 cities or townships participating in Lean & Green Michigan, with the pace picking up on PACE adoption in the state. Three counties, Antrim, Delta and Leelanau, joined the Lean & Green Michigan PACE program in November!

   Star Lincoln auto dealership in Southfield is now enjoying the savings of energy efficiency after the completion of a comprehensive facility upgrade. We're thankful that we coordinated that $450,000 project, which includes 
installation of interior and exterior LED lighting, highly-efficient heating systems, a variable speed drive compressed air system, high-speed service entry doors and improvements to the building envelope .

   And, of course, we're thankful for the competent contractors we work with to install all this great new technology and for the suppliers and manufacturers of the equipment and materials. We're fortunate to have great relationships with many companies, to numerous to mention, eager to help companies and organizations decrease their energy consumption.

   It was very rewarding and very fun to be able to donate 10% of EAG profits to two very worthwhile charities -
Kids' Food Basket in Grand Rapids, and Cascades Humane Society in Jackson. We had an amazing day visiting those charities, learning more about their important missions and are looking forward to making similar donations to other charities in early 2016.

   We're thankful for all the new associates who joined the EAG team this year. In no particular order, they include Peggy Brandenberg, Corporate Administrative Director; Peter Vissar, Account Manager; Tim Gladieux, heading up The EAG of Ohio initiative; Richard (Rick) Bell; Kelsey B. Mitchell, a student at Eastern Michigan University who completed an internship with EAG, Howard Himelhoch, Account Manager and legal consultant; and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bedrock, a University of Michigan student working an internship now.

   We are pleased that we were able to expand our media exposure this year, including two appearances on the Emerald Planet  television program. We also
appreciate the work of Kerry Kilpatrick, EAG social media director, who has published 43 blogs so far this year, with many of them shared and published on other websites or publications. Kerry has been consistently educating others about the benefits of improved energy technologies and teaching them about creative finance methods, most notably, PACE. Check out his blogs here.
   All of that makes us thankful! As we look toward 2016, all indications are that it should also be a very good year for The Energy Alliance Group of North America and all of our friends and colleagues working to improve energy efficiency within our communities. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
 The Energy Alliance Group of North America
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