Dear NADRA community:

If I've learned one thing in 11 years at NADRA... it's that our members have some of the best qualities around. For starters,  FAMILY . Whether your business is built on your family's foundation, or you're building a life for your family to get outside and play often - you guys get it.  Family first.  

Secondly,  CRAFTSMANSHIP . You're part of the NADRA family because you excel at what you do. You scream professionalism, stewardship and artistry. You're up to date with code and even exceeding the standard. If you're not sure, you ask. You take time to work on your business through education & networking; and you give back through mentoring & various volunteer programs, like Deck for a Soldier ® . Your craftsmanship is unparalleled. 

Lastly, let's talk about  PASSION . Your business is built with blood, sweat and tears. You work tirelessly on your business, all while balancing your family life. That's not easy! In fact, it's one of the most difficult things to master; that work, life balancing act... but you do it, and you do it well... and that my friends is because of your enthusiasm and passion for this industry!
We are so blessed to have you involved with NADRA. If you'd like to be involved in a larger capacity, please take some time to speak to someone on the board or at NADRA HQ to see which committee or program you might fit with. If you're not involved, please challenge yourself to take some time to look at the website, . Ask yourself why you're not a member & then call us to learn what you can gain by joining. Things are not always as they seem... you might be asking the wrong questions, or looking at membership from the wrong perspective. NADRA is about an entire industry & connecting people.

I embrace Association involvement as a vital sign of your business. This mindset allows me to show you how to use your membership to fast track lasting relationship with other industry movers and shakers and, ultimately, grow your business. 

I'm happy to pick up the phone and chat with you for 10 minutes. My cell is:  215-317-2018 , or shoot me an email: and I'll arrange the call. You can also reach Jenny at the main office at:  215-679-4884  and 

" If you follow your passion, you'll never work a day in your life. " Tony Bennett 

Heather A. Marchand
National Programs & Marketing Director
When choosing materials for deck construction, it is imperative to understand the difference between Above Ground pressure treated wood versus Ground Contact pressure treated wood. The American Wood Protection Association updated their standards in 2016 to state that some physically above the ground locations require Ground Contact treatment. READ MORE
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NADRA Member Spotlight:
Member Name:    Barry Fate
Company Name:  Custom Design Group
Position:   Owner
Member Category:    Builder
Location:   Kalamazoo, MI
What inspired you to join NADRA?    I've been building decks for over 40 years. I wanted to become part of an organization that dedicated itself to MY profession.

When did you first get involved with this industry?  On a full time exclusive basis- 35 years ago.

What was the first thing you ever built?   I helped my father (who was a builder/remodeler) build a two level deck on a lake home when I was 14 (53 years ago).

We want to get to know you, please tell us a little about your business:  I am a small, self-owned business professional. My daughter works with me every day (she is a fine carpenter) as well as my middle son (on a part-time basis). I have a strong background in outdoor living - pools & spas / specialty concrete and hardscapes, and I love the creativity of designing and then building what I have designed. Award-winner "Qualified Remodeler" magazine, and several other awards including "Best of Houzz."
We are a TREX-Pro-Platinum contractor. BBB - A+ rated. We don't have crews....we are the crew. Fully licensed & insured. Community oriented - contributed labor to several "Habitat for Humanity" homes through the Home Builders of Western Michigan and have built several ramps for veterans.

How do you define success?   Success can be defined in several ways: 1) If you love what you do; 2) If you love who you work with: 3) If your customers become your friends and you satisfy them beyond their expectations; 4) If you have been able to weather the economic instability over the past 20 years; 5) If you are recognized by your peers in the industry that you work in. READ MORE
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NADRA Updates:
NADRA Announces Newly Elected Executive Committee and Board Members:

From left to right: Vincent Carrubba, Mike Beaudry, Matt Breyer, John Keller, Heath Bowman, Bruce Verblaauw. John Burkhart. Absent: Gary Converse.

Matt Breyer, Breyer Construction & Landscape, LLC was appointed as NADRA’s President & will serve for two years. Matt is an experienced remodeler and entrepreneur, Breyer has more than 15 years in the industry. Heath Bowman, Southeastern Underdeck Systems, LLC & Haven, was appointed as NADRA’s Vice President. Heath will also serve for 2 years. Bruce Verblaauw, C. Verblaauw and Sons, LLC, was elected Treasurer & will also serve two years on the Executive Committee. Kirk Hammond, Lonza, now serves as NADRA’s Immediate Past President and will... READ MORE

Reminder to all handrail and guard manufacturers, in June 2017 ICC-ES approved significant revisions to AC273, Acceptance Criteria for Handrails and Guards. NADRA recommends ... read full article here.
Currently accepting pledges for the next Deck for a Soldier ® build in New Jersey:

The Northeast Region is getting things in order to start a Deck For A Soldier® build in New Jersey. This is a wrap around porch and roof on a home in Bloomingdale, NJ. The soldier was honorably discharged with a severe back injury after serving two tours in Iraq. This Veteran has been commander of VFW and American Legion posts.  He has attended over 2000 Veteran funerals.  We are asking for labor and material pledges for this project. Following are some of the materials we will need... READ MORE
When:  Tuesday, February 13 at 6pm
Where:  The Chimney Rock Inn
Sponsor: Tory Weber: I nnovator/ President of SigmaDek
Registration : SIGN UP HERE
Save the date!
When: March 6, 2018
Where: The Ivy Buckhead.
What: Industry pros from the Atlanta, GA area will be meeting for a networking event.
Sponsors: Opportunities are available. Please email for more details.
Registration: Details and registration will be opening soon. Stay tuned.
2018 Education Opportunities with NADRA:

As we enter 2018, we want to be sure you know about your opportunities for growing your business. NADRA and ASHI have partnered to bring you the best and only of its kind, deck evaluation certification! Not only is this an ASHI approved class that earns you 4CEU’s... READ MORE
Manufacturers share highlights from International Builders Show:

NADRA Vice President, Heath Bowman attended the International Builders Show alongside President, Matt Breyer & several NADRA Committee members and NADRA ambassadors. “ It was great spending time with all of the NADRA members who participated in IBS. Each booth we visited told stories and showed excitement about growth in sales, as well as, in new products coming. I am personally excited to have accepted the VP position as it will allow me to be part of the industry in a more hands-on capacity. ” Heath Bowman.

Three days can be a long time to stand on a trade show floor, but this year’s International Builders Show kept a steady pace and truly brought out ... READ MORE
NADRA Executive VP, Mike Beaudry & Administrative Director, Margie Beaudry attended Inspection World, an ASHI trade show, in Orlando this week. Pictured here is Frank Lesh, Mike Beaudry, Matt Breyer & ASHI staff member, George.

Mike ran into several NADRA inspector members from Indiana, St Lois and Metro NY ASHI Chapters, all of whom took the NADRA Deck Inspection Certification Class.
There is impact in your “I am”

In my late twenties, I was the Audit Director for a billion dollar company traveling the world and using the phrase “Tone at the Top” every chance that I could. I even trained my auditors that the organization, its culture and their potential audit findings would most likely be a result of how those at the top of the organization dealt with risk, process and communicating vision.

While this all still remains true, I’ve altered my thinking to also include every single person and touch-point throughout the organization. READ MORE
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