There's yet again a growing momentum for immigration reform.  As I have repeatedly said, "We don't need immigration reform, we need immigration enforcement."

For all of the talk of why it is important to find ways to provide amnesty (and talk about paths to citizenship for illegal aliens is nothing more than amnesty by another name;) no one talks about the drain on our infrastructure that such a move would create.  

America is struggling under the weight of uncontrolled debt, unemployment, and a high percentage of people/families receiving government assistance of some sort.  The majority of illegal aliens in America are not highly educated, highly skilled individuals -- in fact they are just the opposite.  The majority are at the lowest end of the spectrum.  They bring no marketable skills as such except a willingness to work for less money.

For many of the  illegal aliens in this country, the lowest levels of poverty in America are the highest standards of living they could hope for in their countries of origin.  They set up networks to help exploit and circumvent legal protocols we must abide by.  There is also the very real and now realized threat of diseases coming into our country because of the near nonexistent health checks etc. available to them in their countries of origin.

Who will be responsible for debt that will be created to provide for some 25-30 million illegals who are here now and the growth they will realize as they marry within their own populaces and have families?  And there are at least 25-30 million illegals here.  The 12 million number has been thrown around since Bush.  Are we to believe the number hasn't grown in nearly 10 years?  

Immigration reform that results in amnesty disguised as a path to citizenship isn't an act of charity, nor is it an act of prudence.  It is an act of destroying the fabric of America.  Our children and grandchildren will pay the price for open door policies to those who have no allegiance to America, to America's constitution, nor to America's culture.  

Can you imagine what that America will look like?

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