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JULY 2017
We have many, mini kitties!
Looking for a reason to smile today? At this writing, over 175 kittens are safe and sound with Sonoma Humane Society! Walk through our Santa Rosa Adoption Center and you'll see a dozen impossibly cute puffballs tumbling around with each other. Another several are creating a cuddly commotion at our Healdsburg Center. Chances are each of these sweet beings will be scooped up by eager adopters very soon, but not to worry - there are many more waiting in the wings!

An orphaned litter has just arrived in our intake room (this makes over 20 newborns brought in today alone!) A local property owner had been watching over them for a couple days; with no mama in sight and their eyes and ears not yet opened, she was worried that they wouldn't survive on their own. 

In our shelter hospital there's another litter, all snuggled together in a sweet still moment. It's a big day for these furry cherubs - they are having spay and neuter surgeries this morning and will soon be available for adoption. But wait there's more! We also have three litters of feral kittens in our hospital. A designated team is working intensively to gently socialize them so they can be adopted into homes and have long, healthy lives.  

Hmmm, that's a lot of kitties, but we seem to be about 127 shy... Where did they go? (Read more...)
Lucy: Meant to be!
Kimberly found Lucy as a stray and felt an instant connection, but she thought a dog this sweet must surely have someone looking for her. She searched but couldn't find an owner, so she brought Lucy to another local shelter to give her the best chance of being reunited with her family. But Kimberly couldn't stop thinking about her. After a time, no one came to get her. Lucy was in need of veterinary attention for multiple skin growths and sores, so the other shelter reached out to SHS for help. We took the gentle senior dog in and gave her the medical care she needed to heal and make a fresh start. The whole time, Kimberly kept in touch and followed Lucy's progress...the tug in her heart growing stronger with each passing day. The moment Lucy was cleared medically, Kimberly rushed in and adopted her. Lucy has already settled into her new home, content to finally be surrounded by all the love she was born to give and receive!

Max finds an angel of an adopter!
Dorothy comes in every few years to adopt a senior cat in need of a loving home. When her last cat passed away due to old age, she came in to find another special friend. Handsome Max won her over with his love of attention and easy-going attitude. Dorothy was not fazed in the least by the fact that he is FIV+. Max is now enjoying the best care as an indoor cat, watching birds from his window perch and soaking up Dorothy's loving friendship.  

Gwen:  Local bun makes good!
This Silicon Valley family was looking for a big, mellow bunny to bring home. They did a web search and discovered our Gwendolyn, a friendly fluffball who loves being pet. After reading her profile they had a hunch she should join their bunch, so the entire family made the two-hour trip to SHS to visit with her. It was a fabulous match so they made the adoption official and brought her home! 
♥Who else wants to go home?  Meet all of our adoptables here!

Your support of our programs makes all the difference to animals
on their journey to finding love and forever homes.
Take us out to a ball game!
Nothing says summer like a local ball game on a warm evening. We h ope you'll join us at Recreation Park in Healdsburg this Saturday July 1st to support our local baseball team, the Prune Packers , and the animals of the Healdsburg Center! The  Prune Packers  are a collegiate summer baseball team whose roster consists of college players of the highest skill level.  Rich Ryan Construction is the sponsor chosen this year to have a game dedicated to them, and they have chosen to honor the Healdsburg Center for Animals! We'll be there with information about our shelters.
Thank You Vanguard Properties!

A great time was had by all at the 3rd annual Cause for Paws event held at Vanguard Properties in Healdsburg. We're sending heartfelt gratitude to Grace Lucero and the Vanguard Property Team for helping us raise over $10,000 for the Healdsburg Center for Animals! The evening was full with compassionate friends, dogs, flowing wine and tasty bites, plus exciting items to bid on and more. Keep your eyes out for other fun events coming up this summer. We hope you'll join us soon for the best cause ever - the animals!

Our Healdsburg Center for Animals is growing and thriving with community support. Check out our Healdsburg Adoptable Pets and Healdsburg Training Classes
Join Us...
Hansel Subaru Pet Adoption Day!
Saturday July 8, 11AM-3PM
@ Hansel Subaru, Santa Rosa
We will be at Hansel Subaru
with kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs looking for their forever homes! Meet your match and Hansel Subaru will pay the adoption fee! Food and refreshments  provided. We hope to see you come and leave with your new family member!
Pet First Aid and CPR Workshop
Saturday July 15, 9AM-1PM
@Sonoma Humane Society
Presented by American Safety & Health Institute certified instructor Peter Pay, this hands-on workshop teaches basic lifesaving techniques and preparedness including pet first aid, CPR training, choking management, poison response, and much more. Take home lifesaving knowledge, a f irst aid workbook and completion certificate.
Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Cost per person is $65.
Dine & Donate!
Friday July 21, 11AM-10PM
@Chipotle Santa Rosa Marketplace
Dine at Chipotle in the Santa Rosa Marketplace at 2182 Santa Rosa Ave on July 21st.  No flyer necessary, but please tell the cashier you're there for the Sonoma Humane Society fundraiser. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Sonoma Humane Society!
Wags, Whiskers & Wine Gala
Friday August 4, 5:30-9PM
Trentadue Winery, Geyserville

This is an event you won't want to miss! Proceeds from the Wags, Whiskers & Wine Gala help to provide medical care, behavioral rehabilitation, socialization, adoption services, and abundant love for all the animals at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg Centers.  Enjoy fine wines and brews, a gourmet dinner, and enchanting desserts. Bid on wonderful silent and live auction items, visit with animals, mingle with other animal lovers from the community, and learn more about what makes Sonoma Humane Society so special!

Trainer's Corner
What, me worry?
Some dogs are very anxious in nature. This may show up as hyperactive behavior, mouthing, shedding, pacing, environmental sensitivity, etc. There are many ways you can help your anxious dog.  Discover some of them here!

Our Training Team is here to help you build a strong relationship with your 4-legged friends.  
Kibbles & Bits
4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Fireworks might be fun for humans, but they can be scary and overwhelming for our pets. Keep things safe and sane for your furry family members this 4th of July with these tips.
Pixie's Gap Year
Dear Pixie,
Last summer you set out on a journey to find yourself... and you found yourself at SHS! Maybe you were seeking to gain some perspective before entering the real world again? You grew your hair long. You made a lot of interesting friends. You  ( and we! ) discovered what a highly intelligent,  social and sensitive individual you are. 

Y ou've met many challenges head on -  absolutely dominating every toy, puzzle and  cat condo we presented you with. You've explored what it means to love and be loved. And we do love you, dear Pixie. But, like the parents of a couch-dwelling millennial, we're worried that you may be getting a little too comfortable here... you know, in a "failure-to-launch" kind of way? More than ever Pixie, the world needs your intelligence, your beauty, your independent spirit. It would fill our hearts to see you become a productive member of a loving, child- and cat-free family where your unique spirit can SHINE and THRIVE! 

Some lucky person out there is going to  wonder  how they ever got by without you. They'll remember with fondness the day they  called SHS's Adoption Center (707) 542-0882 to meet you!

We remain,
Your Humble Devotees 

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