We Have Wonderful News to Share!
Thanks to our growing partnership with the state of Missouri, we are expanding our family reunification services (FRS)  and intensive in-home services (IIS) in Northwest Missouri! This five-year contract will grow our FRS and IIS work from five to 23 counties; all of which we’re already partnering with through the recruitment and licensing of foster parents. 

FRS helps families become and remain safe so their children can return home from state custody. Sometimes children like now 4-year-old Charlie have to be removed from their home to remain safe. But many kids, including Charlie, have parents committed to growth and change so their child can return home. Charlie’s parents were very cautious and reserved with their parenting and discipline, but our FRS specialist partnered with them to improve functioning in the home and access to support systems so their family could once again be together. The family has learned to acknowledge and grieve for the time they lost with their child, but also be excited for the time they now have in their safe and healthier home.

IIS helps families become safe so children do not have to enter state custody. When Nate began IIS, he was very guarded and felt strongly that he did not need anyone’s help — after all, he and Martina had been caring for their children on their own for more than a year. But after the first few weeks, Nate realized that accepting help to improve safety doesn’t make him less of a father, but more of a father. After successfully completing IIS, which kept his children safely at home, he reached out to our staff for advice on how to handle a new situation with his oldest child. We are so impressed and grateful for Nate’s growth and continued commitment to developing his skills as a father.

But that’s not all! Recent funding by the Jackson County Children’s Services Fund is allowing us to launch mental health screenings for students at Grandview C-4 schools .
Successfully Grown with Love

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to this year’s Thyme for Kids Plant Sale! During the two-day event, we raised more than $20,000 for our horticultural therapy program to continue engaging youth in gardening activities. Our students had a blast chatting with visitors and showing off their plants, flowers and herbs. Plus, we had some of the best volunteers anyone could ask for. Thank you for your continued generosity and support of this worthwhile therapeutic program!
Teaching the Teachers

We were honored to host the 2018 BIST Leadership Summit in April. Educators across the Midwest joined us in Kansas City to learn how to address challenges from presenters with experience teaching in a variety of settings.

BIST (Behavioral Intervention Support Team) is an outreach program that provides training and support to schools to decrease disruptive behaviors and facilitate life-long changes in the children. Through its use, educators partner with students who are struggling, help them be accountable for their actions, and give them tools to make changes in their life.
Did You Know?

May is Foster Care Awareness Month. Any time a child enters foster care, the end goal — if safe — is reunification with their family. The process, however, looks different for everyone — for some, attaining stable housing is the goal but for others, having social supports in place or obtaining parenting skills are part of the process. When we think about foster care, we think about the health of the children, their foster parents and also their families.
2018 Fundraising Events
June 12, registration at 8 a.m.
Loch Lloyd Country Club
August 9
Arrowhead Stadium
November 10
Kansas City Convention Center

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