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The Chair's Corner
We live to fight another day.
Counting our Blessings
Because we are Democrats, and we respect the American democratic process, we accept the results of the presidential election, and we wish our entire country the very best. This was another example of a presidential election in which the candidate with the most votes, Hillary Clinton, did not get the most Electoral College votes. Though it is always hard to lose, this election was particularly tough. However, here in Dallas County, we certainly did our part: Hillary Clinton won over 60% of the vote; Democrats made up 62% of the straight party ticket vote; we won a State House seat, with Democrat Victoria Neave ousting incumbent Republican Kenneth Sheets; we elected the first Latina Civil District Court Judge in Dallas County history, Maricela Moore; and we won every single countywide election, re-electing Judges Dominique Collins, Ken Molberg, Eric Moye' and Gracie Lewis, electing new Judges Darlene Ewing, Nancy Kennedy and Hector Garza; and re-electing our Tax Assessor/Collector John R. Ames, Commissioners John Wiley Price and Theresa Daniel, and Sheriff Lupe Valdez.
Congratulations to our candidates who won, and a much gratitude to our district candidates who did not win. You are a winner in our eyes, and we are proud of you. We also give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who campaigned for these good Democrats.
Shock and Awe
Donald Trump ran a "scorched earth" campaign, making many enemies along the way, both Democrats and Republicans. Even the Republicans are surprised by Donald Trump's victory. We, Democrats, are disappointed, but our mainstream Republican friends are heartbroken. They have lost their party, but to whom and to what? The Tea Party? The "Alternative Right"? The gun lobby? The "uneducated, angry white male voter," as the media now describes that constituency. Realistically, it is all of the above, because any one of those groups could not have mustered enough votes to win the presidency.
Change is Not About Going Backwards
Pundits interviewing voters exiting the polls yesterday noted that they wanted "change" but, actually, this wasn't just a "change" vote. This was a "throw the baby out with the bath water" vote. It was a vote to return America back in time to some false imaginary world ... a country without Muslims, Hispanics, African American citizens, and voting women. Sometimes, change is good but, based on his hateful, racist, sexist campaign rhetoric, Donald Trump promised the kind of change that can never exist in contemporary America. The Democratic family, the inclusive coalition that makes up our great party, will survive the Trump presidency. All of us who participate in this diverse coalition, because we believe in an America that is bigger and better than anything Trump's fabricated world can imagine.
Can Trump deliver?
No. Trump will not be able to deliver on all his many campaign promises. 1) Mexico is not going to pay for that wall; 2) It would be impossible to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants; 3) It would be difficult, indeed, for Trump to beat President Barack Obama's progress with the economy; 4) He is not going to be able to bypass the American judicial system to "lock her up;" and 5) It is inconceivable that the  American judicial system would permit a permanent ban on the immigration of a single religious group, such as Muslims. Ironically, the one promise on which Trump can deliver (with a Republican Senate and House) is to repeal Obamacare, leaving up to 20 million people without health insurance; yet, many of those people are amongst the very people who supported Trump.
What's Next?
Not only did the stock market go down 800 points in response to the election of Donald Trump, but also, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to an extremely high volume of Americans checking out the possibility of moving to another country. But that's not going to happen. We are going to "stand our ground."  Dallas County is blue, and we're going to keep it that way, and we are going to encourage voters in our neighboring counties to do the same. We have already spoken with representatives of these counties, and they are interested in working together to form a North Texas coalition to share ideas and strategies in preparation for the next election. Each county will continue its own efforts, but the cooperation will foster a synergy to turn Texas blue, one county at a time.  We are not giving up. We will live to fight again!
Being "Stronger Together" has Never Mattered More
This is NOT the time for blaming others, runaway recriminations and destructive criticism. We lost the White House. We will have to evaluate why. However, we will never get anywhere as a fragmented party. We must look to what UNITES us: the ideas, the beliefs, the values and goals that make us ALL Democrats. If you look for the good in others, you will find it. If you listen to the needs of your neighbors, you will find mutual understanding.
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Yours Democratically,
Carol Donovan, DCDP Chair

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