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When was the last time you had a fresh duck egg omelette? we now offer duck eggs for breakfast. Over the last few weeks many of our guests have enjoyed our new offering! Learn more about duck eggs by clicking here; Duck Egg Blog – don’t worry, it’s only a 90 second read!    

Today is National Read a Book Day... we have one idea for you further below!

Tomorrow is National Grandma Moses Day... Grandma Moses: American Modern  is on view at Bennington Museum, July 1 through November 5. And, just an hour from the inn!
Consider a Day Trip to Burlington, Vermont
Your destination is Church Street the unofficial center of Burlington. And, it's a spectacular drive with noteworthy sights along the way! Burlington is a great walking town with interesting shops and great restaurants. It's best to map out your visiting strategy otherwise you'll miss the town that you intended on visiting! Below offers some unique insights about the drive...
Shelburne Museum's Steamboat Ticonderoga
Your trip to Burlington takes you past the Shelburne Museum, which should not be missed! Words are inadequate to describe this place – filled with American history, art and design that includes 39 unique structures on 45 acres may be a day-trip unto itself.
   Philadelphia II, a 1776 Gunboat Docked on Lake Champlain
An hour from Burlington is Vergennes, Vermont, the state's oldest city and home to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum . The Philadelphia II , a 1776 gunboat replica (the original is in the Smithsonian) is docked on the Lake Champlain waterfront was especially impressive after listening to a fascinating forty minute lecture about life on board. We learned what made the area so pivotal to Benedict Arnold’s fleet during the American Revolution. And, there’s so much more… shipwrecks, maritime artifacts and interesting exhibits.
Hen in the Wood Restaurant... Burlington, Vermont
We had an amazing day visiting everything above, but the real reason for our day-trip with our Rhode Island friends was their insistence on having dinner here. My pork chop (above) was exceptional, but the others, they all had the trout, which may have been the best I've ever had! The food and service all exceptional! The best part was watching our food being prepared from the bar... a coveted spot observing the kitchen dynamics unfold!
Back at home and out on Lake St. Catherine we spotted this Bald Eagle last Saturday from Jim and Karen's boat. Apparently, there are three eagles on the lake! Thanks Hong for capturing this shot!
Back from the lake; Kay attends to our neighbor's chickens and absconds with two of their eggs! We fried them up last Sunday for breakfast. There's nothing like farm fresh eggs!
Walden Pond It's Not, Waldenesque It Is....
Henry David Thoreau was born July, 1817 in Massachusetts. His bicentennial passed largely without notice. Best known for his work Walden , a commentary on simple living, the virtues of solitude and self-reliance certainly resonates with us here in Vermont. As our season draws to a close we will soon be reminded of the benefits of slowing down… 
And Finally.... We've Hired a New Reservation Specialist!
"Chippy" will be happy to take your reservation for fall foliage.
You Don't Need More Vacation Days – You Just Need Better Ones!
Experience for yourself the beauty of Vermont and let your next adventure begin here!

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This was a really fun newsletter to put together, but I didn't write about anything I intended to discuss with you this week. Our next newsletter will have some more really great stuff inside. The leaves are changing and the foliage is expected to be incredible this year! Peak foliage is normally the second week in October.

Our Thoughts and Prayers are still with Texas and now with Florida this morning and the coming days.
All our best,
Kay and Glenn  

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