We love composting! Do you?  
by Sanna O'Sullivan 

Composting is a great practice to bring our community together and create a valuable resource.  We are working with Melissa Selem from Fertile Earth Foundation to create a compost system that everyone can partake in. FEF works  with individuals, organizations, and the community to teach composting; bringing people together in the process.

At the heart of their efforts is building healthy soil that supports a vibrant & resilient local food system. 

Let's go over a few basics..
What is composting?
Composting  is a natural process of turning organic material such as leaves and vegetable scraps into a rich soil amendment.  You can think of it as food recycling!  
How can I start composting?
This video by FEF is a great visual on how to start, covering the basics:
I want to compost but I don't have room.. 
Miami Beach Botanical Garden accepts food scraps! Being an urban greenspace in the heart of Miami Beach, we hope to serve as a hub for sustainable practices that engage and benefit the entire community. With a functioning worm bin and hot compost system, we can accommodate food scraps for people (or restaurants) that do not have space or time. The finished compost is added to the garden, feeding our plants organically. Feel good about avoiding the landfill and contributing to the fertility of your local garden's soil. Our set up is located just inside our back gate, behind our beloved native garden. Dropping off is quick and easy! E-mail  sanna@mbgarden.org  if interested.  
I compost and want to connect with other enthusiasts around me!
Let us introduce FEF's  -  South Florida Compost Map . It's the first step at reuniting food scraps with a happier ending, in a compost pile! Explore the map to find local gardens, urban farms and homes that compost to feed the soil in our community. Many would love to have extra materials (like your food scraps) to compost with, look around and see what you find.


Want to be included? We'd love to have you, just fill out this 
quick form  and your compost corner will be up in no time! 

*** Stay tuned for an upgraded compost system at the garden and educational workshops to come!

Save the Date!
Sunday May 8, 2016
6-8 p.m.
Celebrate Mother's Day, and spend some time with Mother Earth while listening to the sweet sounds ofthe   
South Beach Chamber Ensemble
in a LUSH welcoming environment that nurtures all. Miami Beach Botanical Garden presents the Music in Beautiful Spaces Series. The South Beach Chamber Ensemble will be performing Rabel and Debussy. This event is FREE. Champagne and Macaroons will be served per donation.


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