Dear APPNA Member,
APPNA is extremely grateful to have your support as a Lifetime Member. In order to continue thriving and expanding as an organization, APPNA needs your help. Now is the time to ask your friends and colleagues to join our ranks as with each new member APPNA grows stronger and our future shines brighter.

Some of the benefits that your friends and colleagues will enjoy as APPNA members:
  • World Pay: APPNA has combined with World Pay to offer significant savings on credit card processing fees for patient bills and co-pays;

  • APPNA Telemedicine program: APPNA members will be able to securely interact with physicians in Pakistan and around the world, discuss cases and provide advice as needed;

  • Education: Centralized electives, observer-ships and research program for young physicians and physicians-in-training to obtain Electives and Observer-ships;

  • CME: Copious opportunities provided throughout the year for Continuing Medical Education;

  • Networking: Meet physicians from across North America and build lasting relationships while fostering new opportunities;

  • Adventure: Travel opportunities to participate in international vacations with like-minded individuals;

  • Philanthropy: APPNA and its members are very generous whenever a need arises, be part of a bigger cause through one of our charity programs.

We sincerely hope that you will share the opportunities that APPNA offers with your friends and colleagues, helping us become a bigger, stronger and more effective organization with each new member in our ranks. Please share this email with those that would be interested in gaining a mutually beneficial relationship with APPNA. As always, thank you for your dedication and support for our organization.

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Best regards,
M. Nasar Qureshi, MD                                       Joseph Emmanuel, MD
President 2016                                                   Membership Committee Chair 2016

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