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Seafood Expo North America in Boston takes place this weekend and Samuels will once again be there to showcase some of the amazing products we carry. This year, we will be showing off high quality products from Andromeda, Les Grands Viviers, Ora King Salmon, Tandel's Shrimp, Hawaiian Kanpachi, Paradise Shrimp, Verlasso Salmon, and many more! Going to be at the show? Stop by booth 1853 to have an in-person look at the fish. And be sure to follow us on social media @SamuelsSeafood to see all the happenings at #SENA17.  

Leg of Lamb:
Contact your sales rep soon if you're interested in Border Springs Leg of Lamb for an Easter meal. Lamb raised by Border Springs Farm are done so with delicate care. They are a small family farm raising Katahdin sheep, famed for their excellent taste, superior lamb chops, and lean, meaty carcasses. Border Springs Leg of Lamb has lean meat with a mild flavor that lends itself wonderfully to a variety of seasonings. Contact your sales rep soon if you're interested in Border Springs Leg of Lamb for an Easter meal.

Migrating is for the Birds... and Fish!
It's a transitional time of year with the change from winter to spring. Now isn't only the time of year for spring cleaning, but also fish migrations. Swordfish are currently migrating from their winter hibernation habitats and moving to their spring feeding grounds. This migration is causing is causing limited Swordfish landings. During this time of the year, it is harder to predict where the Swordfish currently are as their migratory path covers a huge swath of nautical miles. This means fishermen have to use their best judgement as to where to fish. Rest assured, Samuels is still bringing in the best Swordfish available and we will keep you updated on the latest Swordfish news.

Why Not Cobia?
Sad to see Mahi is still tight? Let's turn that frown upside down with delicious Open Blue Cobia. With a firm texture, white flesh, and mild flavor, Open Blue Cobia is the perfect option to swap Mahi with. Ocean Blue Cobia is sustainably farmed-raised and readily available to you. The mild flavor lends itself to grilling, broiling, pan-searing, and barbecuing; or you can serve it raw as sashimi or a ceviche.

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