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hen-tastic roll and we're not finished yet! Check-out what our team has been up to and how naming a Hen can bring restoration to hurricane Matthew affected community in Haiti.

Hen-tastic Hens  of the Laborde Poultry Farm!

The Laborde (or Bois Laborde) Cayes community in Southern Haiti that was hard struck by Hurricane Matthew in October of 2016. We will do this through training, seed funding, and ongoing business advising over a period of 1 year. Thousands of residents lost their homes and livelihoods in that region. We were able to assist 20 families by providing short-term relief funding for immediate needs .

The Bois Laborde community asked us not to stop there. There is a population of 50 small poultry farmers who lost their livelihoods and the local population lost an important source of nutrition. Isaac Cherestal, a respected community member called upon CHES to help these families restart their lives by helping them startup a poultry farm business accompanied with our entrepreneurship and business management training program and technical training in poultry farming. With the inflation in egg prices due to the reduced supply of eggs since the Haitian government stopped importing eggs from the Dominican Republic, eggs in Haiti are mainly supplied by US importers. We have no poultry expertise or the resources needed but we thought that it would be hen-sane to say no!

We will commence this project in August 2017. We are working with the general director of Javec Agricultural Farm in Gressier, Haiti, Jean Jacques Bontemp an expert in poultry farming to ensure that the poultry farmers we aim to serve build back their poultry farms better.  The total cost of this project is $65,500. Thank you 
to Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) who gave us $5,000 to start.

YOU CAN SUPPORT and NAME a HEN-SANE HEN of the Laborde Poultry Farm. Supporters of this farm will receive a special recipe from Haitian celebrity Chef Stephan Berrouet Durand, the culinary star at our Voyaje event

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