HOPE line
September 14, 2017
24/7 Crisis Line: (214) 828-1000 or (800) 273-TALK (8255)
  Our Mission:
"Helping those in crisis, especially suicidal crisis, find hope for the future."


North Texas Giving Day Ends at Midnight.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

IF you have already completed your donations, Thank You.

We are truly honored if you included us in your giving ~ along with so many outstanding nonprofits in North TX.

Three Crucial Reasons We Need Your Support.

1) Preventing Teen Suicide: What the Evidence Shows

August 17, 2017

"Research shows that most suicides are impulsive . Studies of people who came close to dying from suicide attempts, but lived, show that about one-quarter went from deciding to kill themselves to making the attempt in less than five minutes. Almost three-quarters of them took less than an hour."

2) Working class white Americans are now dying in middle age at faster rates than minority groups.

March 23, 2017
"Taking a closer look at the increase within the U.S., the authors find that “deaths of despair” rates for men and women with a high school degree or less are rising in parallel, and much faster than the rates for men and women with a 4-year college degree or more." http://brook.gs/2nURpjv

3) Rates Of Suicide Among Female Veterans Climb

April 25, 2017

"This winter, I spoke with a female veteran who - she had been in Afghanistan, seen combat. And so she was really dealing with a lot of PTSD, and then coming home and being expected to be this soft, caring, warm mother and wife that she was expected to be in civilian life. And she was really struggling with that transition ."

Thank you, again, for partnering with us for 2017's North Texas Giving Day.

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