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Kamloops Chamber Calls on BC Government to Move the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Forward

Energy and its related products are a significant part of British Columbia's and Canada's annual exports.

 Through development of expanded pipeline
 infrastructure, such as Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP), our oil resources can create exceptional opportunities for B.C.'s small and medium-sized  enterprises, serve as an important source of near-term and long-term job creation and generate lasting benefit for the province, municipal governments and their communities.

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Member Opportunity |   Request for Proposals - Photocopier

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is circulating a request for proposal for a photocopier lease, and as such, the Chamber invites your organization, or someone you know, to submit a proposal to provide information on rates, as it relates to photocopier leasing. 

The deadline to submit a proposal is end of business day on February 16.

We're looking for someone to join our team! Posting closes TOMORROW!

 Know someone who would be a great fit? Direct them to for more information!
Trans Mountain 'pipeline is going to get built': Trudeau dismisses B.C.'s bitumen ban

Speaking on an Edmonton talk radio show on Thursday morning Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated his support for the Expansion Project, saying "We will stand by our decision. We will ensure that the Kinder Morgan pipeline gets built." 

Stress Management |  
Getting a Handle on Stress

The best way to manage stress is to establish healthy habits, says this article by Fast Company . Here are three suggested ways to get a handle on stress: 
  1. Determine your triggers. Know how much stress you can tolerate before it becomes too much for you, figure out what the trigger or source of your stress is, and then test out stress-management tactics to find what works for you. 
  2. Breathe. The article suggests trying STOP, an acronym that stands for stop, take a breath, observe and then proceed. 
  3. Know how NOT to deal with stress. Don't let stress relief come from unhealthy habits-like smoking, drinking or eating poorly