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Fun Run/Walk along the
Beautiful Monterey Coast!
Friday May 8th!  7:30 AM 

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Why Are We Promoting a Competitor? 
FreePromoTips.com shares content we find relevant to our audience. In this issue, we feature information on a business who some may consider a competitor. They sell the same products most of us do. 

People want to do business with them and they have built a company that by most accounts is doing many things right.

Why? One reason is the buying experience. They make it EASY to do business with them and provide a service many distributors don't. We brought up this topic in our commentary, "How Does Amazon's Click to Buy Business Model Affect Us"?

The difference here is that this company sells imprinted apparel and promotional products. Amazon doesn't...yet. Should this concern you? You decide, but we all should be aware of what's driving how these successful companies are building their businesses.

To address one key component of this company's success, we are pleased to introduce a new tool that will give all distributors cost-effective access to online artwork layouts. We invite you to check out Layout Lab.

The company we talk about in this issue grew to over 200 million dollars using this type of technology. And now YOU have access to it! Consider how you can take advantage of this new technology.
Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS
I'm Promoting Our Competitor...
You Better Take Note of What's Happening Here!

In a recent commentary, How Does Amazon's Business Model Affect Us? I alluded to how online efficiency will change how products are being purchased, even promotional products.

Amazon.com has set the gold standard in online ordering. It's easy, pricing is fair, and any issues are quickly taken care of. In that commentary, I asked if drones would deliver promotional products. ( Check out the Amazon Prime Drone.) Probably not anytime soon, but if you think your business won't be effected by changing ordering processes, think again.

Should there be any doubt about Amazon innovation, take a look at Amazon Dash. Need more pens for a trade show...just press the button!

Click here for the rest of the story and find out who we're talking about. I'm sure you've heard of them!
 Using This Design Tool!

Watch for Our Report from PMANC!

There are Regional Association Events all around the country. Relationships are nurtured and business get's done. 

I'm looking forward to sharing new products I see and what I've learned in our next issue.

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on what will be happening in Monterey.

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VIDEO: How to Compete with Websites & Price-Cutters...
Promotional product websites and price-cutters often function at the lowest levels of promotional products sales. In this free video series, David Blaise explains how to turn the tables and make it far more difficult for websites and price-cutters to compete with you.
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