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The Milwaukee Jewish Federation stands in solidarity with Israel. 


The Milwaukee Jewish Federation stands in solidarity with Israel as it defends itself against terror with "Operation Pillar of Defense." We pray for the people of Israel and for all innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.


No state would agree to a reality whereby civilians are continually under attack. Throughout the past 12 years, the men, women and children of southern Israel have suffered the trauma and destruction of more than 12,000 rocket attacks from terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The effects have been devastating, with more than 85 percent of children in the region suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Families live in constant fear. Schools, businesses and everyday lives are disrupted by terror.


This morning, a Grad missile hit an apartment in Kiryat Malachi, killing Aharon Smagda, a 40-year old father of three, Yitzchak Amselam, 22, and Mirah Scharf Cohen, a 25-year old pregnant mother of three and injuring others, including two infants. The rockets continue to fall, now threatening residents in Israel's center.


We deplore all loss of life and commend Israel's efforts to carry out its operation with a minimum of civilian casualties. With heavy grief and concern, we continue to pray for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



Marlene Lauwasser
MJF Board Chair

Hannah Rosenthal
MJF Chief Executive Officer/President

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