Even The Simplest Gift Strengthens Important Relationships
Valentine's Day is just a short two days from now and, as you know, I'm always looking to put smiles on faces.  This is the fourth in a series of quick notes to get you thinking about those who you'd like to see smile - sweethearts, children, friends, neighbors, parents or a random stranger you've run across. 
Each day I'll send an idea to inspire you to put a smile on another face.  Each message will include all the previous suggestions.
Thank you for making this a fun business!
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Love Bugs
 love bugs 
When Less Is More
If you're lucky enough to share a simple love, these little bugs are a perfect remembrance!  Measuring just 2" long with a hinged wooden box and wiggly legs these bugs are available in a varity of shell colors.
Our Price: $ 1.00
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Offer Expires:  February 28, 2013
Beautiful Wishes
 beautiful wishes
By Willow Tree and from artist Susan Lordi, this stunning piece is tagged
"A gathering of beautiful wishes for you - love, health, happiness".
Click here to hear Ms Lordi talk about Beautiful Wishes.  It's a very appropriate Valentine's Day remembrance for so many friends and family.  Enjoy!  
Our Price: $ 17.00
Angel Love
 angel love
By Willow Tree and from artist Susan Lordi.  She's tagged this beauty with "So happy to love and be loved". 
Click here to hear Ms Lordi talk about Angel Love and her inspiration for carving this precious angel.  Enjoy!
Our Price: $ 17.00 

Sign For Love
 sign for love
Also part of Susan Lordi's creations and the Willow Tree collection.  She's tagged with a simple "I love you" her hands are folded in the universal sign language gesture of love.
Sorry, no video is available now for this meaningful piece.
Our Price: $ 17.00

 I-Love-You-Now-Please- Share-The Brownies-Basket
Love Is A Many Splendored Sharing
Order by Tuesday, Feb 12 and we'll deliver a delightful gift of chocolate sweetness & love!
 Six individually wrapped 3" Fairytale Brownies plus a sprinkling of individually wrapped Dove chocolate hearts presented in a colorful gift box. Includes most deliveries, wrapping, bow and enclosure card with your sentiment.
Price includes FREE delivery to most Valley of the Sun locations; is subject to availability.
Create new sales dollars by generating the best word of mouth when you impress your customers when this gift arrives with your business card front and center!
Our Price: $ 20.00 
Order Two or More Price: 17.50

 Sweet On You Bouquet
 Sweet On You
Tell her or him that you're very, very sweet on them.
Order by Tuesday, Feb 12, and we'll deliver a happy, fun candy bouquet in a re-usable glass vase!
Measures approximately 20" tall by 10" deep and 15" wide. Vase is 6" tall by 3" deep and 4" wide. Depending on candy selections, each bouquet contains wrapped candies in the vase and a combination of candy bars and candy filled heart shaped box.  Includes an enclosure card with your special message.
Price includes FREE delivery to most Valley of the Sun locations; is subject to availability so order today!
Our Price:
$ 28.00
Order Two or More Price:
$23.00 each
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