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Webinar on "Patients & Social Media: Friends or Foes" (Monday, October 23rd)

Dear ISfTeH member and partner,
Social Media are increasingly employed in health services by patients, caregivers and health professionals. Despite the exciting possibilities of Social Media, there is much hype and hassle, which make the choice of what is relevant and meaningful even more difficult, while several challenges must still be addressed, such as an overwhelming body of available information, a variable level of health and digital literacy of the population, and concerns on confidentiality and data security. The objective of this webinar is to offer a panorama of the Social Media applications that have been used until now, and explore the perspectives of the health care professionals and the patients. 
The ISfTeH Working Groups on Social Media, Telenursing and Students will jointly organize a webinar on the above topic. The webinar will feature the following speakers:
  • Ana Nunes Barata: Ana is a young Family Doctor in Portugal. She has a MSc in Hospice and Palliative Care, is a student of the Postgraduate degree in Geriatrics and has a diploma in Health Management. She is the Young Doctor representative in the WONCA World executive. Her special interests cover continuous medical education, m-health, social robots and animal-assisted therapy.  
  • Raquel Gomez Bravo: Raquel graduated from the Medical School of Malaga and is a specialist of Family and Community Medicine (Madrid), expert in Mental Health in Primary Care and in Quality Management in Health Care. She was the chief of residents (2009-2010) at the Emergency Department of University Hospital La Paz, Madrid. She is a member of the Executive of the Special Interest Group of Family Violence of WONCA. Currently, she is a PhD student at the University of Luxembourg, where she works on eHealth, family violence and medical education.
  • Harris Lygidakis: Harris trained as Family Doctor in Bologna (Italy), and has a postgraduate diploma in alcohol-related diseases. He is a PhD student at the University of Luxembourg, and works on the development of an mHealth & primary care research project in Rwanda. He is currently the Honorary Secretary of the European association of the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).
To participate in the webinar, please register in advance via the following link on the AnyMeeting platform:
There will be a limited number of 'seats' available, so register early!

The webinar is scheduled for Monday October 23rd, starting at 19h00 CET (Brussels/Paris/Berlin time).

Below is some more practical information about access to the virtual meeting room on the day of the webinar.

We look forward to meeting you online next week Monday.

If any questions, contact us at

ISfTeH AnyMeeting Webconferencing VRoom - Instructions for Joining:

You will access the AnyMeeting Webconferencing VRoom for this webinar as "attendee" (link to the VRoom will be sent to you after registration).

It is strongly recommended to enter the VRoom around 30 minutes before the session starts, as you may need to adjust your equipment! The ISfTeH Anymeeting Platform will open at 18h00 CET (Brussels/Paris/Berlin time) for technical adjustments. The actual webinar will start at 19h00 CET (Monday, October 23rd).

Basic equipment needed and recommendations for attending a successful "Anymeeting Webconferencing Session":
  • Laptop or conventional computer
  • Webcam (top quality equipment)
  • Headset (high fidelity equipment aiming to avoid sound distortions)
  • Internet access (best with wired and stable access to Internet, recommended at least 512 Kbp/s Down/Upload)
  • The latest version of "Adobe Flash" installed
It is recommended to test the above equipment in advance (computer, headset, internet bandwidth, etc.) in order to ensure high quality audio/video transmission during the session.

You can also find Attendee Guides (providing info on system requirements, how to join a meeting, audio settings, etc.) at: