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GreenTraderTax Webinar:

Trader Tax Tips & Investment Management Update  



Thursday, February 9, 2012


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Join CPAs Robert A. Green and Darren L. Neuschwander of Green NFH, LLC (CPA firm for and attorney Brent Gillett of Investment Law Group to discuss:

Trader Tax Season Update:
* Tax preparation tips for traders and investors this tax season. No matter who prepares your taxes,  you should be aware of these important tips and pitfalls. Far too many traders file botched tax returns and they are increasingly receiving tax notices and exams.

* It's more important this year to consider forming a trading entity. An entity doesn't have to use that darn new tax form 8949 that we covered last week. Form 8949 could be an accounting nightmare for some traders due to the IRS's new cost-basis 1099-B reporting rules. (See last week's blog and Webinar for more details.)  TradeLog just issued a good update to deal with Form 8949.

Entities also avoid red flags on sole proprietor trader tax status, and they open up opportunities for AGI deductions (retirement plan and health insurance premiums). Those AGI breaks can save a married couple another $20,000 in taxes. Entities give traders much greater flexibility on tax-beneficial elections, too.

* Tax changes and reform are in the works, including expiration of Bush-era tax cuts at the end of 2012. What should traders and investors do in 2012 to prepare for these tax changes?

Investment Management Update:

SEC Adopts Dodd-Frank Act Amendments to Investment Advisers Act . Brent Gillett will discuss the status of these new laws, as many have been delayed.

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